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Knowledge Bureau Education Days: Interactive Peer-to-Peer Learning Opportunities, Virtually in 2020

Knowledge Bureau Education Days: where professional advisors from all sides of the tax and financial services industries meet to hone their knowledge, skills and networks to provide high value solutions to their clients.

Knowledge Bureau Education Days: CE Summits

These comprehensive, professional workshops designed to sharpen your knowledge and skills on the most recent issues in tax and economic affairs and help you train your entire team, too.

You will earn 10 CE/CPD credits at each event; attendance at three of them provides you with the equivalent of one certificate online course in your diploma or designation studies with Knowledge Bureau.

Busy professionals need this educational support to understand tax and financial news as it happens; but this is also a great way for you to interact with other like-minded professionals, share stories and solutions to complicated questions your clients may be asking you.

For new team members, immersion into the most current tax and financial issues of the day helps you to build a knowledge culture that leads to more accuracy in the work you do and more importantly, more confidence in discussions with clients.

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Virtual DAC Acuity 2020

Theme: Bold Thinking, Bright Insights

Over 20 Outstanding Speakers, Stellar Professional Development, and Highly Entertaining Networking

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