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Knowledge Bureau is proud of its annual series of conferences and workshops that offer peer-to-peer learning options that enhance students’ online self-study activities.

Our lineup of conferences and workshops consists of Knowledge Bureau Education Days, also known as interactive CE Summits, held three times a year at a major city near you. As well as two dynamic Business Builder Retreats especially for independent business owners; and the annual top-flight Distinguished Advisor Conference, held especially for our distinguished graduates and designates.

The event delegates are thought leaders from across the financial services. They cover the latest strategic, technical and behavioral finance issues in personal, corporate and cross border tax filing, bookkeeping and accounting, investment, retirement, succession and trust and estate planning.

You too can join us to think more deeply about a holistic approach to family wealth management - as an advisor, a thought leader and a stellar and highly valued intermediary in providing solutions to clients.


Knowledge Bureau Education Days—the CE Summits

Held three times a year in major cities across Canada, CE Summits offer comprehensive, professional workshops designed to sharpen your knowledge and skills on the most recent issues in tax and economic affairs and help you train your entire team, too.

You will earn 10 CE/CPD credits at each event; attendance at three of them provides you with the equivalent of one certificate online course in your diploma or designation studies with Knowledge Bureau.

Busy professionals need this educational support to understand tax and financial news as it happens; but this is also a great way for you to interact with other like-minded professionals, share stories and solutions to complicated questions your clients may be asking you.

For new team members, immersion into the most current tax and financial issues of the day helps you to build a knowledge culture that leads to more accuracy in the work you do and more importantly, more confidence in discussions with clients.

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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
November 9 & 10

Take a Global View In the City of Old and New: Inspirational Culture & Beauty

Business Builder Retreats

Is it lonely at the top? Independent business owners have alot on their plate. In fact, to be a better leader, build a better business and attract a motivated and collaborative team around you begins with establishing yourself in a network with like-minded peers who are going through exactly what you are, too.

The Business Builder Retreats marry smart small-business focused business education with sessions on healthier living, life balance, and peer-to-peer learning. If you want to scale up your business and connect with others who do too, this is a must-do!

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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
November 10–13

Take a Global View In the City of Old and New: Inspirational Culture & Beauty

DAC | Distinguished Advisor Conference

It’s an outstanding opportunity! If you consider yourself a leader in your industry the Distinguished Advisor Conference is a three day educational event you won’t want to miss. Take in the pre-eminate multi-disciplinary conference with a global perspective to issues, trends and changes in the tax and financial services. Leading advisors, firms and intermediaries who do exemplary work in the tax and wealth management services are there. And, if you are a Knowledge Bureau student, grad or designate this conference is especially valuable as a learning and networking extravaganza for you. Come celebrate as your fellow students join the ranks of esteemed designates at the Designate Graduation Ceremony, just one part of an inspiring conference that features 18 speakers, deep and rich content and so much fun, too!

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For Thought Leaders in Wealth Management

Toronto, Ontario
October 28, 2019

The Vantage Series

Join other thought leaders in wealth management for the 2nd VANTAGE Series Event, a new, innovative professional development opportunity to be held in the fall of 2019. The inaugural Vantage Series Event, held on May 9th at the National Club in Toronto, was a resounding success, with four of Canada’s thought leaders sharing their insights and perspectives on the many strategic opportunities, issues and trends in wealth management with a packed house.

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