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All Course Tuition Guide

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RWM™ - Real Wealth Manager Program

As a RWM™ specialist, you'll provide multi-generational advice and goal-based financial solutions by leading the way and ensuring your clients succeed in every lifestyle stage.

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Tax Services Specialist™

Earn your Tax Services Specialist™ Designation and expand on the role of a traditional tax professional. Offer holistic tax filing planning services to help families reduce taxes and supplement low income by taking advantage of all available credits.

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Accounting Services Specialist™

Qualified professional bookkeepers with deep knowledge to help business owners stay onside with the CRA and on top of their financial statements are in high demand. Take a bold step: earn your Accounting Services Specialist™ Designation.

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Corporate Tax Specialist

Highly qualified specialists in tax compliance and planning with corporate owner-managers and incorporated professionals are in high demand. Take a bold step to a new career or business venture: earn your MFA™-Business Services Specialist Designation.

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Retirement Services Specialist

Clients need professionals who can guide them to accumulate, grow, preserve and then withdraw tax-efficient retirement income throughout their lifetime and that of their survivors.

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Small Business Management Specialist

Help business leaders to create and implement strategies, processes and plans that develop and enable business growth. Take advantage of this educational opportunity to scale up your own enterprise to its greatest potential.

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MFA-P™ Philanthropy Services Specialist Program

The MFA-P designation signifies special skills in providing high value legacy and philanthropic planning services.

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Conferences & Workshops

CE Summits

Join Canada’s leading experts on tax, retirement, and estate planning to discuss, interpret and strategize on the breaking developments in personal, corporate and cross border tax, supplemented with the latest news on economic, financial and technical advances by renowned experts and instructors who will ensure you are up-to-speed.

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DAC Acuity

A new economic and financial system is emerging. We'll help you master it with confidence.

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Partnership Brochures

DAC Acuity Partnership Brochure

Be a leader and mentor as a strategic partner of Knowledge Bureau DAC Acuity. Bring your thought leadership and your inspiring speakers.

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Knowledge Gap Courses

Professional Credentialing Courses

Shed some light on your knowledge gaps... with short courses & client education tools.

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Society of Real Wealth Managers™

Society of Real Wealth Managers™

The Society of Real Wealth Managers™ is a national network of highly-trained professionals from the tax, bookkeeping, and financial services who are subject matter specialists that share common knowledge, tools, and best practices.

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