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Emergency Pandemic Response Benefits Course Fall 2020 Instructors

Join Canada’s leading experts on tax, retirement, and estate planning to discuss, interpret and strategize on the breaking developments in personal, corporate and cross border tax, supplemented with the latest news on economic, financial and technical advances by renowned experts and instructors who will ensure you are up-to-speed.

Take part in a “blended” learning experience: pre-reading in the outstanding online research library EverGreen Explanatory Notes, participate in peer-to-peer learning in class, and then choose to learn more deeply with numerous practical case studies online.

Save on tuition for multiple-event attendance and for post-session online course selections—only for attendees of the CE Summits!

Participants earn 10 CE/CPD credits for their professional development and a beautiful certificate.

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The Emergency Pandemic Benefits Response
Online Course

Hear 9 recorded speaker sessions,
and earn 10 CE credits, too.

Sound Advice for Tough Times - Planning for Income and Business Recovery

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Covid-19 Fallout: Audits and Bankruptcies

COVID-19 Fallout: Audits and Bankruptcies

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Virtual Event

September 30, 2020

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Emergency Pandemic Benefits Response Course Instructors

Emergency Pandemic Benefits Response Course

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What’s Included?

Receive outstanding year-end tax planning information from the top experts in personal and corporate tax, and retirement and estate planning, plus $465 in extra value:

CE Credits*: IIROC, Insurance Councils, Knowledge Bureau, and other professional organizations.

Pre-session reading in EverGreen Explanatory Notes, plus a complimentary 3-month subscription.

Post-session: special tuition fees for online studies. You save $200 when you enrol in one of Knowledge Bureau’s educational offerings.

Comprehensive Knowledge Journal— your desk-top reference.

Outstanding networking opportunities with a diverse audience.

*CE Credits are pending approval by regulators.