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Virtual CE Summits

Virtual CES: Jan 17, 2024 Virtual CES: May 22, 2024 Virtual CES November 1, 2023 Virtual CES: September 20, 2023 CE Summits

The All New Virtual CE Summits feature two dynamic components:

1. Your Comprehensive Course
2. The Virtual CE Summit Event

Everything is Included:

Comprehensive Online Course

Online Quizzes

Program Guide with Presentations

Certification and Accreditation

Registration Form Partnership Package

Virtual CE Summit

January 17, 2024

Advanced Personal Tax Update

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Virtual CE Summit

May 22, 2024

Retirement and Estate Planning Update

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Virtual CE Summit

November 1, 2023

Year End Tax Planning

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Virtual CE Summit

September 20, 2023

Audit Defence

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What’s Included?

Receive outstanding year-end tax planning information from the top experts in personal and corporate tax, and retirement and estate planning, plus:

CE Credits*: IIROC, Insurance Councils, Knowledge Bureau, and other professional organizations.

Post-session: special tuition fees for online studies.

Outstanding networking opportunities with a diverse audience.

*CE Credits are pending approval by regulators.