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Your Potential is Limitless

“As Founder and President of Knowledge Bureau, I am excited about our potential to become your educational home for continuing professional development, business and career enhancement in the tax and financial services industries.

In addition, we would be delighted to help you kick-start your entrepreneurial endeavors or leadership potential with new online and in-class courses that address your need to renew your knowledge and skills due to disruption, tax and economic changes.

Our programs include comprehensive online courses available 24/7, peer-to-peer learning in our one day CE Summits featuring expert instructors in major cities near you and outstanding conferences. The Distinguished Advisor Conference and two new Business Builder Retreats will help you build your networks and your business in all aspects of the financial services.

However, it’s our friendly, highly qualified team of educational consultants that make all the difference. We are always by your side as you earn new Credentials. We want you to make the best educational decisions for your time and money and we are here to help.“

Over the span of her esteemed career, Evelyn Jacks has dedicated herself to helping men and women unleash their limitless potential through life-long learning. Her commitment to professional development through financial education has brought her recognition and respect. Evelyn is a well known featured guest commentator on national television, print and radio.

Evelyn is one of Canada’s most prolific financial authors, with over 50 books on a wide range of topics, including personal tax and family wealth management. Twice she has been named one of the Top 25 Women of Influence in Canada. She was awarded the prestigious Rotman School of Business Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award and recognized internationally with a Business Leadership Award by the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Evelyn is influential in advising and commenting on tax and financial literacy policies. She served on Canada’s Federal Task Force on Financial Literacy and appointed to Manitoba’s Lower Tax Commission to advise on the direction of the province’s tax program.

Evelyn is humbled and inspired by the students who choose Knowledge Bureau to pursue a world-class financial education. The ongoing success of graduates at providing high-value tax, bookkeeping, and financial services in the marketplace is a testament to Evelyn’s innovative vision and Knowledge Bureau’s continually evolving curriculum.

You can find Evelyn on Twitter @evelynjacks.

Evelyn Jacks

President, Knowledge Bureau