Meet the Founder and President, Evelyn Jacks

Welcome to Knowledge Bureau!

I am so proud to share that it’s our 20th anniversary this year! We are so very proud of the tens of thousands of students who have earned professional certificates, diplomas and designations with us, including those who come back year over year to earn continuing professional development credits at Knowledge Bureau. These are individuals who are interested in raising their bar – personally and professionally. Congratulations for your leadership!

Sincere gratitude is also in order to the outstanding contributions by the world class instructors who support our students, write our online courses, instruct at our CE Summits and engage with our delegate at the Distinguished Advisor Conference with truly world class financial thought leaders so generously willing to share their wisdom and experience to help us imagine the future.

We are also extremely grateful for the privilege of working with some of Canada’s most important financial institutions, leading tax and accounting firms and leading professional associations who continue to support excellence in tax and financial education with training opportunities and sponsorships.

If you are visiting us for the first time here at Knowledge Bureau, please know that it’s been our goal to share tax and financial knowledge as broadly as possible so that Canadians can achieve more financial peace of mind to protect their families and help in their communities.

This is a mission and a passion project for all of us. We believe that tax and financial literacy is a critical life skill, particularly in challenging economic times and throughout every life stage. Our graduates, too, demonstrate that by learning more, they can share more knowledge within their families, communities and workplaces to create more financial peace of mind.

That’s the definition of true wealth – the absence of worry about financial security. Through our large network of graduates and undergraduates, we are delighted to move the needle in that direction.

I hope you’ll make a great decision to learn more, earn more and share more with Knowledge Bureau. You will come to know that our incredible Knowledge Bureau “home team” will work very hard to make sure you make the very best educational decision for your time and money as you earn new credentials at your convenience, online, any time.


Evelyn Jacks, President

You can find Evelyn on Twitter @evelynjacks.