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    DMA™ - Personal Tax Services Specialist

    Professional Income Tax Course - Entry Level

    This course introduces the five anchor profiles upon which every personal tax return is based-credit filing, employees, families and children, investors, and seniors.

    Professional Income Tax Course - Advanced Level

    This course overviews common and advanced client profiles. Included is the dynamic and comprehensive tax research library: EverGreen Explanatory Notes.

    Investment Tax Strategies

    This course covers a strategic and tax efficient investment income planning process which places capital accumulations in the right hands of individuals in the family.

    Filing Proprietorship Returns

    This course for professionals focuses on the self-employed business owner that is not incorporated.

    Filing Final Returns at Death

    This course deals comprehensively with the taxation of individual's final tax returns and the new relationship executors have in responsibilities with the CRA.

    Filing T3 Returns

    This course introduces the types of trusts that may be created in Canada and how each of them is taxed.

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    DMA™ - Accounting Services Specialist

    Basic Bookkeeping in a Digital World

    Bookkeeping in a Digital World is the perfect course for professionals in the bookkeeping, tax and financial services who wish to train their administrative staff to prepare company books, or for those with the professional role of preparing books for others.

    Accounting for Multiple Business Profiles

    In this course, you will learn to manage the bookkeeping functions for a variety of companies to deliver financial results from the simplest to a complex company.

    Advanced Payroll for Small Business

    Payroll rule changes have created an increased demand for knowledgeable bookkeepers who can administer payroll. This course will help you understand these rules.

    Managing Tax Audit Risk for Small Business

    This online certificate course helps position small business owners for potential tax audits in 2021- 2023 with a conscise pathway to navigate the complex rules and comprehensive documentation they will need to satisfy queries from clients and manage risk with the CRA.

    Budgeting and Forecasting for Small Business

    This course is perfect for professionals in bookkeeping, tax and financial services to gain the skills needed to assist or direct the budgeting process.

    Accounting for Business Growth and Transition

    This course addresses a range of areas that might be encountered during the evolution and growth of a company.

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    DMA™ - Corporate Tax Services Specialist

    Corporate Tax Filing Fundamentals

    This course serves as an introduction to the filing of a corporate income tax return for small business operating under a corporate structure as a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC).

    Tax Planning for Corporate Owner-Managers

    Learn to provide advice throughout the year with a view to minimizing the total amount of income taxes paid by the family.

    Incorporated Professionals

    This course will focus on personal and corporate tax planning for small to medium sized businesses, owned and operated by professionals, with a special focus on financial advisors and medical practitioners.

    Canada - U.S. Cross Border Taxation

    This course provides comprehensive general knowledge on Canada/US cross border taxation issues.

    Understanding Business Valuation

    This course is designed in a practical format and will help an advisor become a valuable resource to their clients when considering business valuation issues.

    Year End Tax Planning for Corporate-Owner Managers

    This course has been designed to teach you how to advise private business owners and managers about the best ways to manage his or her compensation to maximize the amount of after-tax income available. You will gain a solid understanding of the options available when constructing compensation packages. These options include salary-dividend-bonus mixes that maximize tax efficiencies for the owner and each family member. As well you'll learn about constraints imposed by income tax and other laws so you can provide sound advice to the employer or client on compensation planning all year long.

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    DMA™ - Retirement Income Services Specialist

    Tax Efficient Retirement Income Planning

    This course allows advisors to develop a consistent process for multi-generational planning that looks at the tax-efficiency of both income and capital left for partners and beneficiaries.

    Advising Family Businesses

    Many small businesses in Canada are owned and operated by individuals who are at or near retirement age. This course will teach you to create strategies that can help clients and their companies’ function smoothly.

    Introduction to Trusts

    This course provides an understanding on how trusts are used to plan for the wealth and succession objectives of medium and high-worth clients.

    Succession Planning for Owner-Managers

    Understand the importance of succession planning for the business and key positions within the business.

    Personal Pension Planning

    In light of the new tax rules that penalize passive investments within CCPCs, advisors must understand how pension legislation can become a power tool to deal with wealth succession, business succession and tax optimization within a corporate environment.

    Behavioural Finance in Risk Management

    Learn how to focus on continued accumulation and investing, preservation of capital, as well as the tax-efficient withdrawal of funds for your clients.

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    DMA™ - Small Business Management Specialist

    Leading Teams

    This course will help you understand what is required to build your skills and to be prepared for continuous change as your business evolves towards expansion and maturity.

    Building Business Plans

    Learn more about how to structure and plan for the financial results you need to grow a market driven business someone will eventually buy.

    Scaling Small Business Operations

    The focus of this course is on establishing and enhancing a company's operational framework around which client relationships can be built and retained.

    Marketing New Virtual Businesses

    This course focuses on the things that can be done immediately, without huge investment, to navigate new marketing opportunities with a compelling value proposition.

    Privacy Principles in Business

    Support business owners with key tools to manage the privacy risks so that they can implement the best practices with least disruptions to best serve their customers and be confident that they are operating within the regulations for privacy.

    Understanding Employment and Business Contracts

    The course provides the background information business owners need to understand basic contractual agreements and templates for engagements with customers, sub-contractors and employees.

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    MFA-P™ - Philanthropy

    MFA-P™ - Philanthropy

    Learn how to tap into clients' philanthropic goals. In the process, increase opportunities to build trust by understanding clients' values and critical personal causes.

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    RWM™ - Real Wealth Manager

    RWM™ - Real Wealth Manager Designation Program

    Lead a collaborative team of professionals and help your clients accumulate, grow, preserve and transition sustainable wealth. The RWM™ credentials signify comprehensive training in delivering holistic wealth management services.

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