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Meet Our Students

Knowledge Bureau’s students are a diverse group. They may be seasoned tax professionals or starting out in new careers. They may be entrepreneurs seeking a solid understanding of the business world or part of a team of advisors learning how to hone the edge of their professional success.

Whatever their personal ambitions, our students all undertake a journey to become adept at serving highly-informed clients who value tax and financial advisors with knowledge and insight.

Knowledge Bureau’s educational programs are designed to help advisors transition in their meetings with wealthy clients—or those who are accumulating wealth—to multi-faceted financial solution providers. Our students graduate from their programs with the background and capability to communicate with a professional advisory team made up of accountants and lawyers.

Seven Reasons to Study at Knowledge Bureau

  1. Learn a new skill set and acquire new credentials, a valuable diploma or a prestigious industry designation.
  2. Earn CE/CPD credits that lead to certification and accreditation.
  3. Develop and master strategic technical skills and achieve a prestigious business designation.
  4. Increase and deepen your knowledge of taxes and their effect on income and capital throughout life ventures, including investment, retirement, succession, and estate planning.
  5. Expand your network and circles of influence that lead to cross-referrals, mentorships, and new client relationships.
  6. Master new concepts and skills in the comfort of your home or office—as an individual or as a member of a team in a multi-dimensional learning environment.
  7. Access sophisticated professional software solutions, online references and tax libraries, true-to-life case studies and thought-provoking questions that stimulate new opportunities to be a truly valuable resource to your clients.

Student Experience

I was immediately struck by the professionalism of the entire package—in both written and audio form. The course content is very well presented and I like the look, feel, and brand of the materials. As soon as you pick up a binder, you get the sense that this is a quality program. The extensiveness of the material surpassed my expectations. I expected a PowerPoint show and a test, but little more. The Knowledge Journal section delivers a wealth of background information to help advisors build a solid knowledge base. I have confidence that an advisor who completes the courses will truly be better equipped to meet the needs of his or her clients. This program isn’t just about going through the motions to earn CE credits. It delivers real value by expanding the knowledge and expertise of the advisor.

—Danielle Duggan, Professional Development Consultant