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Formerly the DFA-Bookkeeping Services Specialist™ Program.

It matters not what your job description or career path is: there is now a new and more onerous CRA audit effort and audit-proofing your claims and documentation requirements is a critical component of overall wealth management. Yet so many Canadians are unprepared and ill-equipped to explain their financial transactions and keep proper books.
Knowing how to enter data in a personal finance or accounting software program is simply not enough.

Who Should Take It? Especially in light of family business tax changes; and new technology advancements at CRA, a financial intermediary who can integrate advice on all aspects of a financial transaction – from banking to tax reporting - will be well positioned to help both new market entrants and older clients with tax problems it’s high value advice that crosses all demographics.

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Complete six certificate courses:


Bookkeeping in a Digital World

Accounting for Multiple Business Profiles

Advanced Payroll for Small Business


Managing Tax Audit Risk for Small Business Owners

Budgeting and Forecasting for Small Business

Accounting for Business Growth and Transition


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it is excellent at helping beginners understand the basics of bookkeeping, and be able to practice hands-on with Quickbooks and Sage.”

- Wendy Hartmann, DFA™-Bookkeeping Services Specialist, Undergraduate

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Please read the Standards of Conduct.

Please read the Standards of Conduct. Designates of Knowledge Bureau require 15 CE/CPD credits before June 30 to re-license their registered marks for the next 12 months.

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Annual three-day Distinguished Advisor Conferences focus on finding solutions for the challenges faced by businesses in a global marketplace.

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