Last updated: April 02 2008

Andrew’s Quest for the Summit Continues

Andrew Brash Update

Andrew Brash, Knowledge Bureau Faculty member is en-route to Mt. Everest, against a backdrop of violence between Tibetan monks and the Chinese government. Andrew is in the right position to act quickly when climbing permits are handed out and start his trek to base camp. So after months of preparation and training, Andrew is ready for what lies ahead ... and to take The Knowledge Bureau flag ... and all of our best wishes for success, with him to the summit!

We are monitoring the situation and will continue to keep you informed on Andrew's dangerous return to Mr. Everest, as a regular feature of Breaking Tax and Investment News or you can track his progress by visiting his website for live updates from the expedition.

Stay tuned! To book Andrew on his return for your next educational event or conference please contact The Knowledge Bureau at 1-866-953-4769.