Last updated: April 09 2008

Andrew’s Quest for the Summit Continues

Andrew Brash Update

Andrew Brash, Knowledge Bureau Faculty member may be on one of the 20 plus teams in possession of their climbing permit from the Nepal Ministry of Tourism.

According to, more than 20 teams have received climbing permits for Everest, with about 10 plus teams still in the process.

The permit contains more specifications than normal. One of the new requirement is: ìAll the news regarding the expedition must be conveyed to the Ministry of Tourism & Civil Aviation first of all, and only then it can be sent to others.î This may be one of the reasons why updates from Andrew have been slow to come.

This climbing season is expected to have less climbers than usual ñ about 270 plus locals. We are still monitoring the situation and keeping our fingers crossed. We will continue to feature an ongoing update on his climb as part of Breaking Tax and Investment News or you can track his progress by visiting his website for live updates from the expedition.

Stay tuned for updates!