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Cottage Country Dilemma:  How To Pass It On - Conflict Free

NEWS RELEASE August 28, 2008


Winnipeg, Manitoba. The days are getting shorter, the nights longer, and the questions more frequent: when should we start talking about passing on the family cottage? Filled with childhood memories and intergenerational labor, for many families this is a bigger dilemma than meets the eye.

Renowned Winnipeg-based national financial educators and authors, John Poyser and Evelyn Jacks have teamed with The Winnipeg Free Press to present the first-ever strategic planning workshop for cottage owners, entitled "Pass It On!", at The Winnipeg Convention Centre, Saturday October 18 from 8:00 AM TO 12:30 PM .

"Cottage Owners flounder when it comes to succession planning" says lawyer John Poyser of the Wealth Management Group at Inkster, Christie Hughes. "This half day workshop will cover everything you need to know and provide answers to cottage owners in need of concrete direction, including a Cottage Succession Planning Guide to discuss with family as well as legal and financial advisors."

Evelyn Jacks, best-selling tax author and President of The Knowledge Bureau, agrees. "There are significant personal tax issues to be considered, and we are pleased to partner with John's firm and The Winnipeg Free Press to provide this unique educational seminar".

"This workshop is a natural fit for The Winnipeg Free Press with many of our faithful readers now in the position to concern themselves with succession planning." says Marnie Strath, Marketing Director of The Winnipeg Free Press.

Pass It On! will answer difficult, yet common questions in an informational and entertaining session. The audience will consider:

  • Should the cottage be in joint names?
  • Should we give it to the kids now? Or leave it to the kids in the will?
  • Who will pay for the new roof?
  • How can we make sure each child is treated equally?
  • How do we deal with this as a blended family?
  • Adult kids living common lawóis your cottage at risk?
  • What if I have a cottage in one province and a house in another?
  • How do we deal with the one child who lives in Britain or Vancouver?
  • What should we do when one of my children wants cash?

The workshop is advantageously priced to encourage family participation. Brunch is included.

For more information contact: The Knowledge Bureau online at or call 1-207-953-4769.

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For interviews with John Poyser and Evelyn Jacks please contact Marion Trapp at the number above.

The Wealth Group of Inkster, Christie, Hughes, LLP is a boutique practice group focusing on succession issues, including cottage succession.

The Knowledge Bureau is a leading educational publisher and national post-secondary educational institute specializing in certificate and designation courses for financial advisors and their clients.