Last updated: January 29 2019

High Standards: Take-Aways from the Advanced Tax Update

It’s been a complex year of significant tax change, and our six-city CE Summit Workshop tour gave many tax and financial advisors a comprehensive refresher to prepare for the upcoming tax season.  If you missed it, the 355-page Knowledge Journal can still be purchased. Here’s what our delegates liked best about this sold out event:

 “I liked the quick pace, amount of information, depth of knowledge and the way the tax changes were pulled together and pointed out throughout interrelated topics.” 
—John Keller, Kingston, Ontario
“The comprehensive workbook and reference materials were great. The workshops were organized, well-prepared, and there were easy-to-follow instructors.”
—Ayana Forward, Ottawa, Ontario
“Great update! Answered everyone’s questions!”
—Susan Anderson, Quebec
“I appreciated the clarity and comprehensive coverage of topics, and the knowledge provided on the recent tax changes.”
—Gaetan Ladouceur, Ottawa, Ontario

“An invaluable resource for any business. We have been coming to the CE Summits every year for many years now. We missed one year due to illness and spent countless hours trying to pull together, and get up to speed on, the same information you learn in one day. The KB speakers and teachers have such a wealth of knowledge, and questions are answered based on the most up-to-date information. The CE Summit Jeopardy was a fantastic idea; it brought everything together and included the audience. The 2019 CE Summit was the best one yet!”
—Melissa Van Heurn, Brantford, Ontario
Additional educational resources: Did you miss attending this winter’s Advanced Tax Update? From now until February 8, receive a copy of the Knowledge Journal that attendees received for $395, including taxes and shipping! This comprehensive resource contains an incredibly valuable 355 pages of information to help you navigate through the 2018 tax year and beyond! Coverage includes what’s new at CRA and Finance, and a line-by-line examination of tax form changes, plus many related forms and schedules. Call 1-866-953-4769 to order!

The next CE Summit tour takes place in May and June, when you’ll learn post-budget action strategies to apply to your practice.


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