Last updated: December 19 2018

In-Kind Donations: 94% of Canadians Make Them

There are tax advantages that encourage giving back to the less fortunate this holiday season – it’s a tax gift that keeps on giving. But giving has taken on an interesting trend: not all donations made by charity-minded Canadians are monetary. In fact, Statistics Canada reports that 94% make in-kind donations each year, which includes items like clothing, toys, household goods, or food.

Your generous clients should be educated as documentation is still required by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) when in-kind donations are claimed. Gifts of service are not eligible, but gifts of new (not pre-owned) property are in many cases – provided it’s a donation made to a registered charity. A receipt showing the fair market value of the gift is required, with any “advantage” to the donor reflected in the total.

What is an advantage and how does it impact donation-related claims? During the holiday season, in particular, many registered charities will offer incentives to donors, such as event tickets, services or accommodations. When a receipt is issued for tax purposes, this amount must be deducted from the fair market value when the registered charity issues it, according to the CRA.

Unless the advantage is considered nominal and is not worth more than $75 or 10 percent of the value of the donation, then it does not need to be deducted. If it’s worth more than that, but less than 80 percent of the donation amount, then the value of the advantage is deducted from the fair market value of the donation on the tax receipt. If the advantage is worth more than 80 percent of the donation amount, then a receipt cannot be issued by the charity.

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