July 2019 Poll


I don’t agree with inheritance tax nor do I agree with capital gains.

By David on July 29, 2019

Our society is increasingly penalizing those who work to subsidize the lifestyles of those who don’t or won’t. 
In addition, our Government seems to be less and less accountable for the money that it does receive and spend. 
When you look at the historical consequences of this approach in the rest of the world you realize we’re on the wrong path.
We need to speak out now.  Before it’s too late.

By Robert Lamb on July 23, 2019

Perhaps a higher rate for assets held less than 24 months. Otherwise, the risk involved in holding capital assets long term warrants a lower tax rate.

By Joe on July 19, 2019

It is nice to have the possibility of some income that is not taxed to the max - something to look forward to.

By Gay Wise on July 18, 2019

Absolutely NO! If anything, It should be reduced!

By Darlene on July 18, 2019

No. We have paid more than enough tax.

By Peter on July 18, 2019

NO. Canada is no longer attractive for investors. The capital gains rate helps to keep Canadian tax payers to invest locally. Just another cash grab proposal by the government.

By David Wong on July 18, 2019

We pay enough taxes without making it more

By Bryan Cottenie on July 17, 2019

No. Unless they want to push more wealthy tax payers out of Canada.

By Aaron H. on July 17, 2019

should be 100%

By neil francis brown on July 16, 2019

It didn’t work before. Why wpould now be any different?

By Alan Caplan on July 10, 2019

It is unfair to increase to 75 % to capital gain specially for those taxpayer.
The liberal party does know how to increase more money due to the increase in expenses

By Marina T Pineda on July 10, 2019

Why penalize someone so much for wanting to create wealth for them and their family?  This type of action reduces the desire to be independent and creates more dependency on Government systems.  If there were more incentives to create independent wealth it would make the entire country more wealthy as well.  Also it has been proven by the “Laffer” curve that higher taxes does not increase tax revenue.

By CJP on July 10, 2019

Inflation already makes it difficult to save for homes, retirement, etc.
Governments need to find ways of doing things more effectively in every which way, including costs!

By Dawson Pednault on July 10, 2019

I agree with Mitzi - Lynne.

No, no and no. The owner of the capital took the risk and supplied the capital to purchase the asset. To her (or him!) should go 100% of the gain

By Jacqui McFarlane on July 10, 2019

The only reason to do this would be to maximize short term tax revenues for the federal government. Long term would be disastrous to our economy as billions of dollars in investments would stop flowing into our already delicate economy. Brilliant! Maybe the government should get control of their spending instead of trying to milk the Canadian tax payer for even more money.

By Ron on July 08, 2019

No, no and no. The owner of the capital took the risk and supplied the capital to purchase the asset. To her (or him!) should go 100% of the gain. The government supplied no capital and took no risk, so how can they justify stealing tax on half the gain? Also, a capital loss is not treated the same. The capital gain goes into income, but the capital loss cannot be used against “other income”. It has to sit around until there are more capital gains from which it may be deducted. The inclusion rate should be zero.

By Mitzi-Lynne on July 05, 2019

No. Why invest in the higher risk investments if taxation of capital gains approaches that of other income. I would advise to shift an investment profile to the safer side and accept more dividends instead.

By TERRY on July 05, 2019


By Randolph Edmead on July 04, 2019

I agree with Nancy. Seniors are constantly being hit with high taxes because of RRSPs, investments and and other income.

By Bob Kelley on July 04, 2019

I would say no due to the impact on seniors investments.  As interest rates remain very low the only way to get a decent return is to invest in stocks.  Seniors/retirees need this revenue.

By Nancy on July 04, 2019

The stock market is the only game in town for individuals who now need to provide their own retirement program. Defined pension plans are rare in the private sector and employees with a pension plan are now required to manage their own portfolio. Capital gains at 50% at least gives them a bit of a chance to increase their portfolios.

By Pat on July 04, 2019

The liberals have overspent and are desperate to try and find more revenue. They will do anything to increase taxes. Increasing the inclusion rate will have a huge negative effect on investing in Canada. The stock market will be affected negatively also. If anything the rate should be reduced to 25% to help stimulate growth in the economy.

By Bruce on July 04, 2019

75% is fine for short term holdings where inflation is a relatively small factor.
However, last time we had 75% capial gains inclusion was not long after rampamt inflation had been huge.
A client created a company in 1972 with significant fixed assets and grew through to the 80s (employing many people and investing in hard assets too) and then sold when the CG inclusion was 75%. He paid big cash taxes on huge inflation gains. His after inflation and after tax return was less than 1% per annum after risking hundreds if thousands of dollars.

By Bow on July 04, 2019

Really people the risk one takes to earn this is large
Remember 2008 36% down in the TSX
Result will be less investing in Stocks which in turn make it harder for companies to raise capital and governments will collect less taxes as there will be fewer jobs in the Private sector

By William on July 02, 2019