June Poll

In your view, is the reduction of the Canada recovery benefit to $300 a week premature?


By Deb Belden on June 10, 2021

It will force people to look for a job instead of relying on the government. If there was no financial help form the government, people would find a job in a different type of industry.

By Gilles Royer on June 09, 2021

Without taking a single day off (in my essential occupation) ever since March 17, 2020 my earnings diminished to less than 20%. Without CERB/CRB it would have been impossible to put food on the table. The stay at home order just got lifted 3 days ago. It will certainly take time for things to go back to pre-covid status. This reduction of CRB by 40% is highly pre mature. May be after another 6 months it becomes viable. Thank you.

By Mansur Khan on June 05, 2021

No, I don’t think so. I live in an area where lots of people have apparently never had ir so good. “Free” money from “The Government” (read “taxpayers”), and they are quite open about their plans to not work again until it runs out, if then. And there is all this loose talk about a Basic Minimum Income. With hardly anyone working, how is it going to be funded? It seems that we have a government whose members are incapable of rational thought. I know that describes the Prime Minister, but obviously he is not the only one.

By Mitzi-Lynne Morgan on June 03, 2021


By Mike Hryszko on June 03, 2021

No - this should have been scaled back before now - most employers are scratching their heads trying to find employees and most common response from potential employee(s) is - why would I work when I can stay home and make $500 a week?

By Lorraine Keating on June 02, 2021

already over budget

By peter lupton on June 02, 2021

For some yes. The Covid subsidy monies should be industry specific. There are industries, such as hospitality and tourism, that will need it for several months yet.

By Connie Pettigrew on June 02, 2021