March Poll


I doubt CRA considers this ‘service’ . In order to improve their service they need to assess the current status.  Obviously if callers are dissatisfied with the wait times that’s going to be reflected in the recorded ‘wait’ times.  The music is beautiful ..I just wish there was variety instead of the same thing.  Only once in 2 decades have I had to tell a young agent not to make me mad by telling me something I knew was ridiculous and detrimental to my client. Immediately I was transferred to a supervisor who resolved the issue.  Otherwise they answer my stupid questions with patience & transfer me to specialized sources for involved issues.  The rapid changes made in digitizing information to provide an accurate & reliable source of client data to me is amazing.  I’ll give them A for effort and have patience while they improve.

By Jo Anne knapp on March 28, 2020

The CRA are a bunch of lying crooks. You don’t get there real name on the phone. They provide you with Misinformation that costs you in penalties then when you call back about an issue no one has a clue what you are talking about because they gave you a fake name to begin with. There is no way in gods green earth should the CRA be able to seize a bank account without a court case and a court order. Hey need there wings clipped big time.

By Dave on March 27, 2020

No as I hear from clients that they have tried many times and can’t get thru. The only thing that I see is
for CRA to re open the office to the public then maybe they can get back to really serving the public
as a lot of new Canadians and seniors like to be able to talk face to face with somebody so that they
can understand what is going on. And they can’t do that over the phone.

By Marilyn Knutson on March 27, 2020

Yes its a improvement but changes take forever and are not a significant change to the current landscape of dealing with CRA

By Joe TRUSCOTT on March 27, 2020

I agree Definitely not an improvement!
Only a few years ago,  we were able to call CRA and talk to an agent about every client, ask a knowledgeable person,  and get a correct answer. They even had a special line dedicated to complex questions, you would leave a detailed voice message with your question and you would get a call back with the answer, no other questions it was straight forward.
Now we all have that drawer full of files assessed incorrectly, in reassessment for more than 10 months,  and no way to talk to an agent without being transferred to more senior agents and then wait again!
And I agree with the other comments the music is really lame always the same it puts you to sleep so when you do get an agent you have forgotten what you called for as it took an hour to get this far.

By Tammie Gilbert on March 26, 2020

Was told wait time would be an hour.  Hung up at 2 hours 11 minutes.

By Gerry Campbell on March 26, 2020

Giving us a tool just so we can figure it will take more than 60 minutes to talk to someone is totally useless.  Work on answering correctly the inquiries in a shorter time period.  I cannot wait on the phone for 1 hour or more to talk to a rep.

By Doug Northrup on March 26, 2020

Get CRA employees to call the number on paydays and tell them they don’t get a cheque until they get through and talk to someone. We will see how great they think their system is.

By Don Myer on March 26, 2020

My small business cannot afford to tie up my phone line for an hour every time that I call in. And the same 2 music pieces every time, over and over!!  I wish they at least had the CBC radio playing for us.

By Melanie Madsen on March 18, 2020

I work for an accounting firm. Every day I hear accountants express frustration about CRA - long wait times on calls, often not getting the help they need.

By Patricia Russell on March 17, 2020

CRA’s survey on their “new” telephone service is ridiculous. It frustrates anyone who calls them. I mean, is it really “helpful” to wait 30 -45 minutes before a “live person” picks up the phone? No, I don’t think so!

By Trevor Hitchman on March 13, 2020

At this moment the phone support is far below the standard and there is no in person support available to the the tax payer of preparer. Tax payers feel helpless.

By Hussain on March 12, 2020

I already know that I will spend an hour on hold - why bother telling me again

By Robert on March 12, 2020

CRA is providing the worst phone service ever.  An hour to wait for an agent shows such lack of respect for tax payers.  We, tax preparers, need a direct line with knowledgeable people answering right away.  We save CRA so much time by asking knowledgeable questions and don’t waste their time.

By Pat Morton on March 12, 2020

Definitely not an improvement!
Only a few years ago,  I was able to call CRA and talk to an agent about every client, ask a knowledgeable person,  and get a correct answer.
Now I have a drawer full of files assessed incorrectly, in reassessment for more than 10 months,  and no way to talk to an agent without an interminable wait!
My brain burns every time I hear the recording recite the new improved service, followed by the figure skating music—how embarrassing this must be for the actual professionals who work for CRA..

By Katherine Sabine on March 12, 2020

Not an improvement at all. When the recording says your wait time is is more than 40 minutes and finally get to speak to someone 60 to 80 minutes later only to get transferred to another agent is not an improvement. Even providing a number to push to select a specific genre of music would be an improvement. Processing of adjustments especially the wait time stated are are also unsatisfactory when they say processing time is over 60 days and six months later clients are still waiting . No accountability on CRA side.

By Tony on March 05, 2020

This is just a variation on the smoke and mirrors reply “... your call is very important to us….”, which is just bumpf. If my call was really important you would have informed, knowledgeable, people on hand to answer it instead of subjecting me to automated voices telling me to hold and to interminable elevator music to soothe me in the meantime.

By Lyle Urbanowski on March 05, 2020

This is just cosmetic designed to pacify taxpayers.  The REAL service improvement would be to have the phone calls answered in a timely fashion by knowledgeable agents, and to have returns processed in a timely fashion.

By Jo Ruelle on March 05, 2020

Great that people can find out time of returns. It’s unfortunate but now a days people rely on that income even more.

By Karen on March 05, 2020