May 2022 Poll

Should the tax filing deadline be extended for all taxpayer to June 15?


No…i agree the procrastinating taxpayers will just move to new deadline.

Slips coming out early would help.

As April 20 is also deadline for quarterly HST..i find this is problem..if tax season was extened to May 10th..that would help my littlw practice..but I do not want to be doing massive amounts of personal taxes in June.

By R p on May 19, 2022

Rather than delaying the report date, set rules on when financial institution should mail out all tax papers.

By Stephen Cheung on May 12, 2022

If T slip mailing deadlines were enforced, including slips for OAS and CPP, we could get more completed on time.  When they don’t mail out the slips until the middle of March, it really piles things up on us filers.  In an ideal world, we could start filing earlier in February for those who already have their slips, the government would issue all their slips by the end of February, the investment slips would be out by the end of February and we could avoid the log jams we are experiencing lately.  Oh look!  A pig just flew by my window.  LOL!

By Pat Gamborg on May 12, 2022

No.  Why do banks and financial institutions have so much longer to provide their T-slips?  Thay have all the information by the end of February.
There will always be stragglers - that is to be expected.
If a practitioner can’t handle the load, they can hire temporary help (like me) or prioritize their load.

By Rosalind on May 11, 2022

I don’t think this would be a good idea.
Anstett of having a heavy tax filing in April, we now have an even more hectic end of May and the beginning of June. On top would now come all the self-employed businesses, farmers and landlords.
It would be way more efficient to make tax slips and other documentation for filing earlier available.
Any investment documentation, slips, RRSP, capital gains and so on should be provided by the end of February or latest, by March 15. A snowbird coming in on April 28 with still half of the stuff missing.
I think there are better ways when extending the deadline.

By Frank E Arnold on May 11, 2022

I agree with those saying slip deadlines just need to be enforced. So many clients get late slips and that keeps delaying their returns into the busiest times. Also, procrastinators will still procrastinate no matter the deadline. Plus we have so much corporate work to do in May/June that we don’t need to add to our workload.

By Julie on May 09, 2022

Not everyone have a simple return with one or few T4 Slips. 
The extra time would probably help with the Tax Payer organizing their paper work and receipts for Tax

By SHARON HYLTON on May 06, 2022

Sure why not

By Bob Kelley on May 05, 2022

I would say yes, as that proved more time as many slips arrive late such as the investment slips. Also, there would be less confusion when to file, when to pay. 1 date for all and that is it. It would also help to establish better financial plans with tax strategies, while people are engage. Now everything is rushed.

By Veronique Dewilde on May 04, 2022

No. We had this conversation last year when the season was extended to September 30. It still wasn’t enough for many people. The chronically late were even later and opinions were expressed that the filing deadline should be extended to the end of the year. April 30is O.K. as long as the institutions and emplyers get their information in to the CRA, which they are tending not to. An extended deadline for filing the returns would only mean that those same organizations would be even later. Just leave it alone.

By Mitzi-Lynne Morgan on May 04, 2022

I can’t keep up with demand for my tax services.  For March & April 2022 I was not able to do any other work except T1 prep, because 2 months is simply not enough time to get all my clients’ T1s done.  I don’t want people to procrastinate and make it more difficult for me in June, but this year, on May 2nd, I was still trying to finish up some T1s for which I had received paper records in March.  A later deadline would allow me to spread out some of this work, and let me do some corporate work, which has unfortunately taken a back burner.  Alternatively, if we could START filing T1s in January, THAT would help!  The time crunch is not only due to the deadline, but also because EFILE is not available until end of February.  (However, T-slips are generally not available until then either…)

By Nelson Selinger on May 04, 2022

People just would delay filing up to the latest date…

By Kathleen Sugar on May 04, 2022

I agree that the deadline should not be extended as there does not seem to be any real benefit.  Clearly it would help if organizations were required to provide slips in a more timely manner and it was enforced as this is the first year that the CRA did not have all my slips by the April cutoff.  Where the real benefits could come is in simplifying the tax form.

By Nancy on May 04, 2022

Hell no!!!

By Richard on May 04, 2022

No - If the CRA would enforce the slip filing deadlines, as well as ensure all slips are posted in a timely manner, there wouldn’t be near the issues. As long as the financial institutions can set their own timelines without consequences, the actual filing deadline isn’t a factor.

By Brenda on May 04, 2022

The deadline should not be extended but employers and investment houses should be encouraged to provide slips in a more timely manner.

By Randolph Edmead on May 04, 2022

The issue is not being able to meet the April deadline. It’s the large financial institutes not issuing slips in a timely manner and CRA failing to post slips.

By Robert Holmes on May 04, 2022

Essentially, I would like to say “maybe”.  This year the federal government was at least three weeks to more than one month late in sending out the tax notices for seniors.  Also, the financial institutions were late with the T-slips. If they were on time (even according to their own schedule) there would likely not be too much of an issue.  On the other hand, people will file late even if you extend the deadline.

By Robert A Litschel on May 04, 2022

As a Tax Preparer,  I Vote NO.  WHY?

By C LS Income Tax Services on May 04, 2022