Newly Updated Course: Provide Expert Help When a Taxpayer Dies

Statistics Canada estimates the deaths in 2017/2018 numbered 142,331, and every single one requires that a final return be prepared and filed. Estate and final returns can be accompanied by a costly tax bill, especially if the client has a significant estate, assets, or savings. That’s where a highly qualified tax specialist comes to the rescue of executors who are responsible for filing the final return of the deceased.

Tax planning and preparing upon the death of a taxpayer can be complicated, and an advisor requires technical expertise in filing the final return(s) of a deceased. Tax Accounting on Death of a Taxpayer is the only course of its kind in Canada, and deals comprehensively with the taxation of individuals at death, giving the graduate a thorough understanding of how income and capital accumulations are taxed when the taxpayer dies, as well as strategies to minimize those taxes.

Some key topics covered in this course are:

  • Which government cheques may be retained, and which must be returned
  • How each type of income received – before and after death - is taxed
  • Elective returns:how to save money filing more than one final return
  • Strategies to defer taxes where possible, and if necessary, post security.
  • How to claim all deductions and credits that are allowed on each return or split them with survivors
  • How to minimize probate fees on assets transferred to beneficiaries.

Set yourself apart in the tax services industry by specializing in a high-demand market. Our true-to-life case studies simulate the experience you need to confidently file final tax returns for deceased taxpayers and their surviving spouses, so by the time you complete the course, you’ll have plenty of practice completing final returns and you’ll be ready to implement it into your services.

They say there are two things you can count on in life: death and taxes. While unavoidable, death and taxes can be more palatable, from a tax savings point of view at least.  You too can be that qualified specialist to help your clients minimize the income tax consequences before the event occurs, and to ensure proper tax filing and planning is in place afterwards.

The newest update on this course includes all known tax changes for 2018/2019, including those that will come into effect, based on recent federal budgets.  Student versions of professional tax filing software are used, and access to personal support by instructors is available by email.  All course materials are included.

“I wanted to feel more confident that I was doing the best job possible for my clients. The knowledge in this course not only helps with tax preparation for deceased persons... but perhaps more importantly I'm now able to help my clients with advanced tax planning strategies while they are living... that will help preserve wealth in their family even after death." – Wayne B., Ontario

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