Last updated: April 16 2008

Prescribed Drought Regions for 2007

Did you know that a farmer carrying on business in a prescribed drought region may defer a portion of income earned in the year from sales of breeding animals? The amount of deferral depends on the percentage of reduction of the breeding herd:

  • if the breeding herd is reduced by at least 15%, but less than 30%, then 30% of the sales proceeds (net of purchases) may be deducted in the year of sale;
  • if the breeding herd is reduced by 30% or more, then 90% of the net sales proceeds may be deducted in the year of sale.

The deferred amount must be included in income by the first taxation year after the farm is no longer in a prescribed drought region.

The current prescribed drought regions are announced annually by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, after the calendar year end. For 2007, the list of designated regions include parts of southern British Columbia, southern Alberta, southwest Saskatchewan and Ontario. Click for list of prescribed drought regions for 2007.