Last updated: May 14 2008

The Quest for the Summit Continues

Andrew Brash Update

Andrew Brash, Knowledge Bureau Faculty member is back at base camp on the Nepal side of Mt. Everest. His team and dozens more were allowed to return after the Olympic flame reached the summit on the Tibet side late last week.

The plan as of Andrew's last post, on May 9, was for he and his team to wait for the rush of climbers to get safely ahead of them and then begin up the mountain to camp 3. After that, they will return to base camp for one more rest and then head back up. This will see the team attempting the summit on the 19th or 20th with arrival on top of the world on the 23rd or 24th, as long as conditions permit.

Andrew also writes: ìIt is a huge relief that we can now get on with climbing the mountain. Now all we have to deal with are the usual Everestey things like teams giving each other bogus weather reports, fixed line crowding, rumours and fibs about who's going for the top and when (of course you can bank on the dates above...), and of course deciding when you're going to try and drag your own sorry butt through all of it. I am damn excited that the opportunity has opened up though - here we go!î

The Knowledge Bureau is a proud sponsor of Andrew's return to Mt. Everest. We will continue featuring an ongoing update on his climb to the summit as part of Breaking Tax and Investment News or you can track his progress by visiting his website for live updates.

Stay tuned for updates! Remember to book Andrew as a keynote speaker for your next conference or educational event. Contact The Knowledge Bureau now: 1-866-953-4769.