Last updated: May 28 2008

Triumphant! Andrew Brash Summits Mount Everest

Andrew Brash Update
Andrew at the top of the worldFrom all of your friends and associates at The Knowledge Bureau, we send you our happy cheers and heartfelt congratulations on reaching the Top of the World!

Thank you for taking The Knowledge Bureau flag to the top of Mount Everest with you and know that we are so grateful that you are safe, sound and triumphant!

Thousands of cheers and high fives to you!

Evelyn Jacks, The Knowledge Bureau
and your fellow speakers at The Distinguished Advisor Conference

Andrew Brash, Knowledge Bureau Faculty member. The Knowledge Bureau is a proud sponsor of Andrew's return to Mt. Everest. You can review his online entries for the whole 2008 Mt Everest experience by visiting his website for live updates.

Book Andrew as a keynote speaker to hear his triumphs first hand. Contact The Knowledge Bureau now: 1-866-953-4769.