Last updated: August 20 2008

Warning from CRA

The CRA has issued a tax altert advising taxpayers that a letter has been circulating that is identified as coming from the CRA, when in reality it isn't.
The letter advises the taxpayer that there is insufficient information to process the individual's tax return, and requests personal information be provided on a form and sent back via fax or e-mail. The information requested includes bank account and passport information. The letter requesting this information is not from the CRA and the information should not be provided to the sender.
The CRA has notified the proper agencies of the fraudulent letter and advise all taxpayers to be vigilant about providing personal and confidential information to third parties.
Tax preparers will want to warn their clients about this scam so that private information isn't released to the wrong people. CRA has provided a copy of the letter that has been circulating, to view, click here.