Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
November 10–13

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Distinguished Advisor Conference 2019

Theme: Powerful Competition

The Secret to Economic Resilience

Make a Great Decision


Do you need to take the time out to look at your career, your business and your personal objectives more strategically, armed with cutting edge knowledge about economic forecasts, portfolio management, investment, retirement and tax news in the personal, corporate, trust and cross-border space? Then the Distinguished Advisor Conference is a must-attend event for you.

This is the pre-eminent financial conference for leaders. Give yourself the gift of time to look at your career, your business and your personal objectives more strategically, and return armed with cutting edge knowledge about how to compete more powerfully in your marketplace with the latest economic forecasts, portfolio management strategies, and the latest in tax-efficient investment, retirement and legacy planning. A high level personal, corporate, trust and cross-border overview will also prepare you and your clients for new opportunities to save despite higher taxes and new compliance obligations.

The Distinguished Advisor Conference is a must-attend event for you if you consider yourself amongst the best in your field. Step up your game and be inspired by attending with the best in the tax and financial services.

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DAC Day 1 | Sunday, November 10

Registration Day

DAC Day 2 | Monday, November 11

Theme: Economic Resilience in Creating Family Wealth


Powerful Competition: The Secret to Economic Resilience

The New Economy: Understanding Share Ownership

New Landscape for Investors

DAC Day 3 | Tuesday, November 12

Theme: Client Relationship Management, Ethics and Compliance

Powerful Competition: Why Independent Businesses Need Your Support

Strategic Alliances: How to Build a Cross Border Network

Global Tax Competitiveness: The Compliance Issues You Need to Know

Creating Income with New Personal Pension Plans

How You Can Unleash the Secret to Cashflow Efficiency for Your Clients

DAC Day 4 | Wednesday, November 13

Theme: New Opportunities in Wealth Distribution

Why Should You Attend?

If you aspire to be a leader in your industry, DAC is for you. It’s Canada’s premier educational conference with experienced professionals from all facets of the financial services, including wealth advisors, tax accountants, and bookkeepers who want to think more strategically about the advice they give to help their clients create tax-efficient wealth

Focus on learning how to accommodate and adapt your practice to your clients’ changing lifestyles and priorities by providing them with real-time wealth advisory services no matter where they are around the world. Come to understand the new competencies required to steward impactful wealth to next generations and the global community because that’s what is essential to the newly affluent.

Earn up to 15 CE/CPD credits.

Who Else is Going?

You’ll network with a wealth of other industry professionals, plus listen and learn from 20 outstanding speakers, thought-leaders, and inspirational mentors who will re-energize your commitment to excellence in your career, your business, and your relationships.

What Will You Learn?

Discover the cutting edge trends in the fields of investment, retirement, tax, and succession planning, while analyzing the issues that affect high net worth individuals, owners of private corporations and successors.

Learn best practices in a changing regulatory environment and participate in new end-to-end digital experiences for most financial transactions. DAC 2019 is filled with business building tips—from strategic planning to marketing to relationship management. The conference also covers the most recent changes and compliance trends in personal, corporate, cross border, and estate taxation.

What’s Included in Your Registration Fee?

Approximately 15 CE/CPD credit hours, a journal, accreditation, certification, newcomer reception, opening reception, breakfasts, mimosa breaks, and group gala dinner.

Extravagant Graduate Ceremony; RWMTM, MFATM, MFA-PTM, and DFA-SpecialistTM students and grads are invited to this celebration.

Spouses may attend all activities, but may not certify; to do so requires registration as a delegate.

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Attendee Experience

Evelyn Jacks was an excellent speaker, as always! Her session offered a great selection of topics and outline of the changes coming. I especially appreciated the information on the carbon tax, climate change incentives, and how to work above our privilege. The team will apply what we learned to get to know our clients better and address our responsibilities to them. I’ll apply the steps to work as a tax intermediator, which will also help me focus on growing my business.

—Tammie Gilbert, British Columbia