Last updated: January 07 2020

Graduate in the News – Lorne Jackson, MFA-P™

Lorne recently completed the new MFA-P™, Philanthropy Designation and we caught up with him to ask him more about his experience, what his thoughts are on the course, and why he decided to pursue his MFA-P™, Philanthropy Designation.

How would you tell your Knowledge Bureau story to a friend?

I decided as President of a public foundation that it would be good to upgrade my skills and knowledge in philanthropy. I am a Financial Planner by training but since I finished in the for-profit world I have been a volunteer leader of a public foundation. Since I interact on a daily basis with senior-aged donors helping them think about legacy giving this was the right course for me to take.

Why did you decide to take a KB course?

When I studied the content that was to be provided in this course, I felt that it covered the areas of estate giving and charitable work that I wanted to be updated on for the future. I believe this is a course serious-minded financial advisors need to consider. If you really want to tie your donor to you for your superior service this is one great way to do so.

What did you find difficult?

I think the most difficult part was all the tax schedules and learning to use new calculators provided with this course.

Did anything surprise you in the courses?

My biggest surprise was how up-to-date my experiences already had me prepared for this course. Especially the last semester was more in line with what I do every day and yet I learned some new ideas that I will be able to use with donors in the future.

How did you feel when taking the courses?

I felt it a bit difficult waiting on the next semester to be created. I knew it was a brand new course and it was being created as we went. However, it seemed to come available at my busy times not just when I wanted it due to more slack time at work.

What did your family think about the amount of time spent?

We are empty nesters so my time at home is pretty easy since my wife has many hobbies she likes to work on so time spent was not a problem.

Were you happy with the outcomes?

Yes, I was pleased to have this completed and to have this important info available to me now to refer back to as I have already many times. Recently I had to do a seminar for Snowbirds so I went back to the material I received here to confirm my thinking and to help put together my ideas

What are your future goals?

Since I am retired (re-wired) as a senior providing volunteer leadership to a public foundation I am hoping to not have to take on any more courses for a year or two.

What is the glimpse of wisdom you can share with our readers?

As a member of CAGP, I receive lots of teaching and training material throughout the year. However, none is more professionally done and better laid out for a difficult subject than what I used at the KB. This is first-class and all of the backup and Evergreen notes etc are vital to a thriving business builder in this financial world.

We are so pleased that you enjoyed the course, Lorne, and wish you all the best as you continue to advise clients on charitable giving and legacy planning.

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