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Our Mission

We Provide World Class Financial Education to Improve Wealth Potential and Secure Financial Futures.

Our Story

Knowledge Bureau is a certified, post-secondary institution which provides business and financial education to individuals, professionals and workplaces, leading to verifiable and specialized credentials. KB was established in 2003 by Founder and President Evelyn Jacks, an award winning entrepreneur, financial educator and best-selling tax and financial author.

Tuition fees paid to Knowledge Bureau qualify in Canada for a tuition fee credit under the Income Tax Act. Alternatively, they can be claimed as tax deductions by owner-managers and firms which pay for workplace training or for the financial well-being of their employees.

Knowledge Bureau also confers continuing education credit hours to professionals from a broad spectrum of industries, for the purposes of their continuing professional development requirements. Some of these programs may also be accredited by other third parties, including national organizations, regulators and associations.

Finally, we provide “Education as a Service”: curriculum design, development, publishing and instructional delivery for professional development objectives in small, medium and large businesses.

Knowledge Bureau is the only financial educational institution focused on continuing business, tax and financial education providing courseware for occupations in various industry sectors including: tax preparation, accounting/bookkeeping, financial services, human resources, public and private education and the many technology platforms that serve them. It also provides financial literacy education to consumers.

Knowledge Bureau owns a vast library of courses and intellectual property, on a one-hour to 30-hour basis in a variety of modalities: online, virtual-live and in-person, through individual enrollments and by subscription.

MAKE A GREAT DECISION! Take a World Class Financial Education Leading to Specialized Credentials with Knowledge Bureau.

Knowledge Bureau By the Numbers

Since 2003, Knowledge Bureau has developed and delivered a world-class financial education to a growing number of professionals in the tax and financial services industry.

Over 1,182,000 Online course module registrations leading to CE/CPD credit

Over 15,400 Knowledge Bureau Report (KBR) subscribers

Over 24,300 Technical training certificates issued

Over 11,700 Active certificate course students in diploma and designation programs

Over 1,830 DFA-Specialist™ and MFA™ and RWM™ Designation program students

Over 15,400 CE Summits & Distinguished Advisor Conference attendees

Anytime, Anywhere Learning

Wherever you are in the world, your pathway to specialization is available in real time. Choose from an array of immediately accessible online courses or take a blended learning approach that includes instructor-led workshops and conferences to supplement your virtual studies.

Your studies will lead to professional credentials—the prestigious RWM™, MFA™, MFA-P™ or DFA-Tax or Accounting Services Specialist™ designations. Or choose a certificate or diploma program to enhance your vocational credentials or need for ongoing CE/CPD credits.

A Knowledge Bureau education is ideal for training new or returning staff in your workplace, too.

What We Offer


Every course taken with Knowledge Bureau engages the student in an academic pathway towards prestigious credentials including CE/CPD credits, certificates of achievement, diplomas and designations. We offer training for individuals or for enterprises—large or small.

  • Post-secondary education for individuals
  • Prestigious designations: DMA™-Tax or Accounting Services Specialists, MFA-P™ and RWM™
  • Industry recognized diploma and certificate courses
  • Workforce training solutions for large & small enterprises • Private-labelled or co-branded course modules
  • Custom-designed in-class or workshop programs
  • Keynote speakers and instructors

Student Experience

The stream of courses teaches not only the practical application of tax legislation and interpretation but also the most advantageous skill set— how to think. The courses give you the information required, but not on a platter. You need to develop the ability to think in order to apply the lessons learned in a practical manner.

—Alan Rowell, RWM™, MFA™, DFA-Tax Services Specialist, Ontario

Knowledge Bureau is in the forefront of the industry… it is a game changer,” says Stefanie Keller, CFP®, RWM™ and CEO of Stellar Wealth and Tax Solutions in Winnipeg.

—Stefanie Keller, CFP®, RWM™