Last updated: March 28 2024

A Bootcamp for More Confident Trust Filings & Retirement Planning

This tax season will be remembered as a challenging one for most tax accountants and financial advisors who work with Canadians who have long tried to protect their savings and their heirs from financial ruin in retirement.  There are two reasons: CRA’s new filing requirements for bare trusts and the significant cost factors retirees now face due to inflation, taxes and professional fees to keep it all straight.  That makes it a great time for a bootcamp.

The backdrop:  The three-part role of the DMA™ Retirement Income Services Specialist  is critical in achieving successful outcomes.  When you take the time to educate, advocate for and steward wealth at every stage of the transition your clients make into retirement and thereafter – you’ll win too.  You will engage in rich and deep conversations that are as rewarding for you as they are for each individual in the family faced with planning decisions within three lifecycles:  pre-retirement, in-retirement and post-retirement.

Consider that the qualify of savings in the pre-retirement years will facilitate the accumulation and growth of capital that will fund consumption in retirement.  But there are several wealth eroders to be mindful of along the way. 

The preservation of capital to in the retirement period to adequately fund the lifestyle your clients have planned involves encroaching on only the exact amount of capital required. 

But in addition, tax-astute planning in the retirement period can lead to a more worry-free transition of income and capital to survivors, after tax. 

The secret ingredient is the addition of  tax efficiency, throughout all three lifecycles to enable financial peace of mind.  Yet so few advisors are really sure-footed when it comes to tax.

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  3. The May 22 CE Summit – check out the agenda and the speakers, too.