Last updated: July 08 2015

Academic Calendar For Tax And Financial Advisors

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Don’t know? Well, Knowledge Bureau has set dates for our fall and winter workshops as well as summer and fall online training dates.

At Knowledge Bureau, we specialize in teaching immediately usable skills in retirement income planning, investment income planning, tax, succession and estate planning. Our Distinguished Faculty are experts in their field; they have their feet on the street and often are well known published writers and speakers. Benefit from their research, wisdom and shared knowledge at the highest professional levels as you learn with them.

Together Knowledge Bureau’s educational team – your coaches and instructional team – will help you maximize your studies to:

• Get better results in understanding complex financial issues

• Simplify efforts, so you can work more productively and

• Make financial gains:  for clients, yourself and your firm

We believe that a highly competent specialist who serves clients with confidence and accountability follows both strategy and a renewable knowledge process for required results. This leads to deeper client relationships and increased engagement.

To achieve these long-term results for all the generations in a family, value propositions offered by any one professional must often include a number of specialists to work within a strategic plan everyone can follow. For these reasons, we teach technical subjects around a consistent, client-centric process all stakeholders can use within that plan: Real Wealth Management, the accumulation, growth, preservation and transition of sustainable family wealth.

Summer online training started June 15 and runs until September 15. For more information, click here.

Then get ready for our Fall Distinguished Advisor Workshop (DAW) Family Business & Year End Planning. The deadline for registering is October 15. Workshop dates are:

  • October 28 > Winnipeg
  • October 29 > Calgary
  • October 30 > Vancouver
  • November 2 > Toronto

Our fall online training runs from October 15 to December 15.  Your enriched knowledge and skills will help you grow your practice and increase professional referrals.

Don't forget to register for our January 2016 workshop, a personal tax refresher. The registration deadline date is December 15, 2015 and the workshops will take place:

  • January 20 > Winnipeg
  • January 21 > Calgary
  • January 22 > Vancouver
  • January 25 > Toronto