Last updated: January 17 2023

CE SAVVY™ Biz Ed: Understanding Tax Collection

The World Economic Forum, which wraps up this week, signaled more gloomy economic news for 2023, more interest rate hikes to come, and a mild recession.  For worried investors, retirees and employees, particularly in the tech industry, shoring up new learning opportunities is a good idea.  Knowledge Bureau can help with a new series of Specialized Credentials and micro-courses that begins with a solid understanding of a key wealth eroder: TAX.

With tax season around the corner consider enrolling in: CE SAVVY™ BIZ ED: UNDERSTANDING TAX COLLECTION.  Complete up to 5 courses in 90 days. Pass them, get your certificates, then add them to your permanent Scholar’s Library.

What's Included:

  • Access your courses anytime, anywhere, with a computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Videos, quizzes and interactive content designed for a proven learning experience
  • Take your courses at your time and pace

Here are the 5 courses:

Snapshot of Course 1: Your Tax Filing Rights and Obligations

As a Canadian taxpayer, the burden of proof is on you during a tax audit. Whether you file as an individual, corporation or trust, you should understand your taxpayer rights and obligations in order to stay on the right side of tax legislation, avoid difficult interactions with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and reduce or avoid interest and penalties. This course provides an overview of what is required of you, and what to do when you don’t agree with CRA.

Remaining Courses:

Course 2: Understanding Business Structures

 In this module you will learn the differences between the various structures for small businesses. You will learn the difference between registering a business name and creating a corporation. You will also understand the benefits and disadvantages when establishing a sole proprietorship, partnership and corporation. Finally, you will learn about the different roles within the corporation. We will examine the role of shareowner, director, and officer as well as the obligations imposed, and benefits enjoyed by each one.

Course 3: Make Sure It is Deductible: How Business Income is Taxed

It is estimated that there are close to three million small businesses in Canada. Small business owners operate enterprises of every type: professionals, commission salespersons, farmers, fishermen, and revenue property owners. They are people who invest their time and money both to earn a profit and to build equity in their enterprises. This module explores how small business owners can benefit from tax advantages available to them and have the potential to increase substantially the results of their personal time and efforts over the long term.

Course 4: Understanding the Corporate Balance Sheet

In this course you will learn the difference between the retained earnings of a company and the share capital for accounting purposes, versus for corporate income tax reporting. You will also learn how to identify and explain how different forms of corporate distributions received and paid by a company are subject to tax. You will also explore key issues which might affect the preparation and filing of the corporate T2 Return.

Course 5: Minimizing Taxes on the Death of a Taxpayer

There’s nothing more certain than death and taxes….and the two actually go hand and hand. Unless you plan properly for the transfer of your wealth before and on death, the taxman will be getting a big slice of your estate. This module reviews why you should be discussing estate planning with your financial advisors and considerations such as taxation, deemed disposition of your assets when you die, and how to preserve your wealth when you have registered plans.

If you are interested in only one of these courses Enrol today in an individual course for $69. If you are interested in a certificate then Enrol in all five courses for $295.

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