Last updated: April 06 2018

Gender Wage Gaps: Women Make Big Strides in Accounting

In the accounting and finance industry, a lot has changed since the 1950s. Today this field is of particular appeal to women, as they now make up a widening majority (58 Percent) of its workforce. Earnings for women have also doubled, making this an excellent career choice. 

As budget 2018 prioritizes gender equality, it is positive to see shifting trends and wage gaps narrowing in this field. A Labour Force Study by Statistics Canada, cites the 58 percent mentioned above, shows that in the 1950s very few women were employed in financial auditing and accounting fields.

What makes this fact even more relevant, is that trends demonstrate that the gender wage gap narrows the more women participate in well-paid occupations in specialized fields, and in the workforce in general. Over the past few decades, women’s earnings more than doubled – reaching $37,200 in 2010, up from $15,700 in the mid 1960s**

In an industry where women make up the majority, there is increased opportunity to earn an income that is close to or equal to that of their male counterparts. This makes it a great time for women to invest in their education and build a career in the accounting field, particularly with the resources the provisions in Budget 2018 offer to women in the workforce.

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Additional educational resources: Interested in learning more about Budget 2018, or how gender quality and diversity play a role in the financial services industry? Attend our CE Summit workshop this May and June for post-budget action strategies, and our annual Distinguished Advisor Conference in November where the theme is “The changing face of community”.

** income figures are represented in 2014 dollars.



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