Gratitute and Thanks

At a time when many have lost their health, suffered the loss of their loved ones, their livelihoods and/or the exhaustion that threatens their resolve, we give thanks for the spirit of human resilience and kindness that emerges in every crisis.  It is important to remember that no matter how dark the clouds, we only need to get through the challenges of today to bring forward the bright promise of an incredibly vibrant tomorrow.  

Gratitude always helps hurry the journey along.  For these reasons, please know we how very much appreciate our relationship with all of you.  Thank you for putting your trust in Knowledge Bureau to provide you with your continuing professional development home.  

We are also grateful to our entire team who work hard every day to make it the very best we can for you.  Together, we wish you a safe, happy and restful Thanksgiving Weekend.   

 - Evelyn Jacks and your Knowledge Bureau Team.