Last updated: August 11 2015

How to Be in the Top 10% of Income Earners: Go Back to School

The statistics are overwhelmingly in favor of the higher educated when it comes to making the top 10% of income in Canada.

According to the National Household Survey, a university degree increases your probability of being in the top 1%, 5% and 10% of all income earners:

  • Top 1% - over two thirds (67.1%) of the top 1% of all earners had a university degree.
  • Top 5% - more than half (54.6%) of the top 5% had a degree
  • Top 10% - over 50.3% of the top 10% had degrees.

To be fair, those without a degree can make it too; but those who do make more money:

  • Those with a university degree had the highest median incomes: their median incomes were
    • Top 10% $105,800
    • Top 5% - $137,300 and
    • Top 1% -  $271,600
  • Amongst the top earners, Canadians with a postsecondary certificate or diploma below bachelor level could be found as well, but their income was lower:
    • Top 10% - $99,800
    • Top 5% - $125,700 and
    • Top 1% - $248,700

Back to school, therefore, is not just for the kiddies: if you want to top up your income, top up your professional development this fall.

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