Last updated: September 08 2015

Lisa McKee, MFA: Her Key to Business Growth – Make It Client-Centric

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Lisa McKee, MFA-Business Services Specialist, reveals the secret of success for her firm, McKee Accounting: Putting the client at the centre of everything to provide high-quality customer service.

In an interview live from the DAW (Distinguished Advisor Workshop) on Transition Planning, Lisa explains on Knowledge Bureau Network that her unique value proposition is her long-term approach to tax planning and life planning, while making sure “the client is king.” With a proactive approach to potential problems, Lisa takes a genuine interest in her clients, and in their life and livelihood. Being personally-oriented allows her to know what makes her clients tick and personalize her advice and services accordingly. So how can you be more client-centric in growing your business? By taking a leaf out of Lisa’s book:

  • To give the best possible advice:  Combine your knowledge and ongoing professional development with what you know about your client’s particular situation, concerns and goals.
  • To exude confidence and professionalism:  Pursue professional designations and lifelong learning to enhance your credibility with your clients. They are far more willing to accept your advice if they have confidence in your knowledge and professionalism.
  • Focus on client objectives:  Defer to your clients to make the decisions about where they want to go and what they want to do, and provide them with the best information and service to get them there.

If you’re as passionate as Lisa is about your own advisory role, and about making top-notch customer service Job One, you’ll take a natural interest in the clients you work with—in their business and their life. The happy result:  your clients will feel like kings, and your referrals will soar.

Lisa McKee, MFA—Business Services Specialist, is the owner of McKee Accounting. With over 25 years of experience in the accounting field, she is continuously upgrading and educating herself in her field with ongoing professional development in corporate and personal taxation, CRA compliance, and more. Customer service is the top priority for McKee Accounting, which is a one-stop firm providing taxation, accounting, and bookkeeping services for the incorporated or unincorporated business.


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