MFA-P™ Discovery Seminar…Today! Can Advisors Build Their Business by Supporting Their Community?

There’s still time to join us today, June 23 at 12 PM CST/ 1:00 PM EST to spend some time discussing how professional advisors and charity professionals  can work collaboratively to enhance the client/donor experience.  Lead by panelists MFA-P™ alumni Candice Jay and Aneil Gokhale, this MFA-P™ Discovery Seminar is one you don’t want to miss!  RSVP now!

MFA-P™ Discovery Seminar – June 23, 2022

12: PM CST/1:00PM EST

Join Candice Jay and Aneil Gokhale as they talk about:
- Their experiences in working with professional advisors and charity professionals
- How they have cultivated a successful relationship which broadened their client/donor experiences
- How their collaboration helped the advisor enhance the client experience, and the charity provide better stewardship to the donor.

About the MFA-P™ Designation Program:

This program is for professionals who are looking for specialized credentials to develop plans with individuals and families interested in strategic philanthropy. This is an investment trend that is increasingly important to generations of all ages. After discovering a family’s philanthropic goals, the MFA-P will confidently work with all the stakeholders to a successful outcome to the strategic philanthropic plan.  This provides a prime opportunity to build trust amongst all the collaborators by better understanding the clients’ values and critical personal causes.

Objectives of the MFA-P™ Philanthropy Designation - Learn How to:

  • Introduce conversations about strategic philanthropy with a consistent and thorough discovery process in your work with taxpayers who want to make a bigger difference with their donations.
  • Focus on gift planning strategies and vehicles that are both right and relevant to a donor’s goals, bringing with a strong working knowledge of tax outcomes during lifetime and through bequests
  • Bring confident and practical experience to your conversations with a multitude of donor goals by experiencing numerous true-to-life case studies to help you anticipate and apply your knowledge.

The Components of the MFA-P Program

The program includes 3 online courses, describe in detail behind the links below. 

Introduction to Strategic Philanthropy

Understanding the Charitable Sector

Integrating Gift Planning

One tuition fee is all inclusive of online course materials, retention quizzes and instructor support including final examination.