Year-End Tax Planning: Nov. 18 Virtual CE Summit

Join Knowledge Bureau President, Evelyn Jacks and Special Guest Instructors at the next Virtual CE Summit on November 18. This comprehensive virtual workshop also features a thorough online course:  everything you need to know to thoroughly understand the opportunities for tax, investment and estate planning both inside and outside the small business corporation.

Topics covered at the next Virtual CE Summit will include:


  • Year-End Personal Tax Planning Changes for 2020
  • Year-End Business Results Analysis, Strategies for Forecasting
  • Understanding the Corporate Balance Sheet
  • Understanding Shareholder Equity
  • Sources of Corporate Income
  • Completing T2 Returns
  • Shareholder Remuneration Strategies:  Salary, Bonus, Benefits & Draws
  • Distribution of corporately-taxed income to family members


The Takeaways:

  • A comprehensive update of personal tax changes of relevance to investors and SMEs
  • A sound understanding of the corporate balance sheet
  • An understanding of the principles of corporate integration
  • Recognition of the different types of corporate source income
  • An increased knowledge base and comfort level in available remuneration strategies
  • An understanding of the tax concepts of corporate integration
  • An awareness of the tax compliance and filing requirements
  • An approach for non-cash remuneration benefits, such as use of a corporately owned or leased vehicle
  • An understanding of how RDTOH works
  • An awareness of the TOSI rules
  • An increased knowledge basis of how inter-corporate dividend planning can work within a corporate group


Everything is Included in tax deductible tuition fees:


  • Your Comprehensive Online Course and Online Quizzes
  • Virtual CE Summit Program Guide for November 18, together with Speaker Presentations brings you up-to-the minute information you can use immediately to advise your clients.
  • Access to EverGreen Explanatory Notes with recommended topics to read compliment this comprehensive professional development program.


You can still save on tuition fees by enrolling in two or more CE Summits. Take advantage of quick and easy online registration to ensure that you don’t miss out! Enrol in the November 18 CE Summit today!