Last updated: March 11 2013

Paying a Balance Due to CRA? Order a Remittance Form First.

Is it true if you have a balance owing to CRA and you do not want to pay on-line you need to call CRA for a pre-printed form?

Yes, this is true. Here is the official explanation why, from CRA: If you want to pay by cheque or money order at your financial institution, you must include a personalized remittance voucher which will help us allocate your payment properly. Make sure you complete the voucher correctly, otherwise your payment may not be applied to the right account or period. Remittance vouchers are printed using specialized ink so they can be read and processed using automated equipment. Photocopiers do not use this specialized ink, so copies are not acceptable. 

The CRA website lists the following numbers if you wish to order your personalized copy:
Business related forms: 1-800-959-5525;
Individual income tax: 1-800-959-8281.

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