Need Reliable Answers to Tax Questions, 24/7?

Are you frustrated with long wait times for CRA responses or unsure if the answers you have been given are right? Although the CRA has recently hired a third party to give “general” answers about pandemic supports on the T1, professionals need to be precise when filing. Having fast, authoritative access to tax questions helps down the line at tax audit time, too. That’s the role of Evergreen Explanatory Notes, available 24/7, in your professional toolkit. 

The benefitsEvergreen Explanatory Notes can be used on-the-fly to help you confidently answer questions from clients on-the-spot, or as a management or training tool to review errors or omissions at weekly morning meetings.  Experienced advisors use this comprehensive online tax reference library to improve and embellish on their knowledge – especially when “grey areas” arise. 

You’ll love the issues and answers, too.  Short true-to-life case studies bring complicated tax law to life, putting you in the role of tax educator, as you experience hundreds of “aha” moments. 

Taxes are complicated.  So are your clients’ lives.  With EverGreen Explanatory Notes, you can double check answers provided by the CRA or other government departments with authoritative research links.

The components.  Knowledge Bureau’s Evergreen Explanatory Notes are your go-to reference – a sleek online tax library for fast, reliable answers to personal, corporate tax and the GST/HST. Included are quick links to the relevant government publications: the Income Tax Act, CRA forms, publications, Folios and more… everything you need to make informed decisions about critical audit-proof tax questions taxpayers have for you this tax season.

You’ll find easy-to-read explanatory notes, interview checklists, tax filing tips, case studies on sophisticated business and investment strategies and recent court cases.

“I love using EverGreen  Notes; well-written and researched, and easy to follow. Also, the court cases provide a very practical view on the theory.”

 —Maryke Leonard-Troskie (Coquitlam, BC)

Your real-time online tax research library, is available free with every certificate course, or by subscription: only $99 a month.

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