Last updated: May 06 2020

The Personal Pension Plan – Is It Too Good to Be True?

Knowledge Bureau is pleased to announce the publication of a new certificate course, Personal Pension Planning For Corporate Owner-Managers, by JP Laporte, CEO, INTEGRIS Pension Management Corp  and Mark Taucar, CFA, Porfolio Manager, Accilent Capital Management Inc. The PPP® offers many legal features to protect small business owners and their family in these challenging times, and for these reasons every financial advisor needs to know more about this plan.

Specifically, the PPP® offers five critical features:

  1. Creditor protection under pension legislation
  2. Super priority under bankruptcy laws
  3. The ability to create new registered pension room through the use of special payments to go “bargain hunting” in a depressed stock market
  4. Enhance basic portfolio management techniques to add further value to wealth creation.
  5. and, should death occur, the ability to provide the surviving family members working in the family business to access accumulated wealth, rather than facing the significant tax consequences of the deemed disposition rules.

The PPP® can also provide specific benefits, some of which are listed here, but much more in depth information is provided in the course:

For example, advisors will be interested to know that the PPP® can also provide benefits:

  • On the sale of the shares of the corporation to the children of the owner
  • On the sale of the shares of the corporation to a third-party purchaser
  • On the sale of assets of the corporation where recaptured depreciation is an issue
  • Where the plan member retires early with a spouse who has no pension
  • Where the plan member is a “US Person”
  • Where the business is, usually on audit, classified by the Canada Revenue Agency as being a “personal service business”
  • If the corporation or any of its associated companies have ‘passive investments’ that exceed $50,000 per annum
  • Where the client decides to become a non-resident of Canada

JP and Mark will introduce some of these concepts at the Virtual CE Summits on May 13 and are proud sponsors of the event. We would like to appreciate and applaud these two great authors for contributing to the costs of the outstanding education we will provide to you virtually.  It’s a great investment.  Do join us by registering before May 11.

But, in addition to attending this live event, consider enrolling this outstanding certificate course:  Personal Pension Planning For Corporate Owner-Managers. It is a “must-do” for advisors who want to become accredited in providing advice on integrating a Personal Pension Plan strategy with their clients. This might be the most important financial course you have taken in some time.

To register, hit the enrol now button or call for personal assistance 1-866-953-4769.

Jean-Pierre Laporte, BA, MA, JD is the CEO of INTEGRIS Pension Management Corp. and a pension lawyer.  He has written extensively on pension matters and is often called as an expert witness before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance.  For his work on improving pension legislation in Canada, he was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in October 2012.

Mark Taucar, CFA manages discretionary clients through ACCILENT SELECT Discretionary Management. A unique offering that allows those qualified to be licensed as Advising Representatives (ARs), Associate Advising Representatives (AARs), Dealing Representatives (DRs) to engage with clients and provide streamlined, cost sensitive discretionary management. Mark has built discretionary referral platforms for notable Portfolio Managers across Canada and has engaged with referral agents for the construction of streamlined referral operations which enhance scalability, profitability, portfolio design and compliance.  He has also managed successful investment strategies on behalf of thousands of individual clients that include pensions.  He is a faculty member of the Knowledge Bureau.