Last updated: July 08 2015

Working The Room Works. . .And It Takes More Than Just A Firm Handshake

Look for Catherine Bell under the big sombrero. The featured guest speaker at this year’s Distinguished Advisor Conference (DAC)  and author of the bestselling book, Empower Your Presence, is an expert on workplace protocol, etiquette, and professional image management, who understands the complexities of doing business in today’s competitive marketplace.

She’s been “empowered” to tap into your best thoughts throughout the morning mimosa breaks in a fun digital survey on relationship management issues. It’s an interesting challenge for Catherine, who was recently reviewed by DAC media sponsor Investment Executive.

“You’ll have many ‘aha’ moments when it comes to building and managing new relationships in a digital world,” says Catherine with her trademark grin. “The prizes will be fantastic too, so I hope you’ll look for the big sombrero and give me your opinion electronically on the iPads available.” The fun events will be sponsored by Home Trust

Catherine has been a media resource for numerous North American publications including the New York Times, The Globe and Mail, Canadian Business Magazine and The Las Vegas Review Journal, and has been a guest on CBC Newsworld, CBC Radio, Canada AM and TV Ontario.

She is a catalyst for success, both with businesses and individuals, sharing her expertise on the ABCs of image – appearance, behaviour and communication. Her ability to customize fun,  impression management, social and business etiquette,  multi-generational communications, and business networking are all certainly going to be put to the test at the Distinguished Advisor Conference! 

To learn in advance, be sure to check out Catherine’s book, Empower Your Presence, which discusses  the impact “presence” has on personal success. In helping you explore how to experience your own “True Wealth” potential in a complex, multi-generational and digital world, Bell has written the perfect guide on how to make an impact with your presence.