Certificate Course: Corporate Tax Filing Fundamentals


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​This course is for you if

You provide tax services to corporate clients and business owners
You are a professional looking to update your skills
You are training staff


The first course in the DMA™-Family Business Services Specialist Designation.

This course serves as an introduction to the filing of a corporate income tax return for small business operating under a corporate structure as a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC). From a company’s transformation from Proprietorship through to Corporation, this course will teach you the fundamentals of filing a T2 return for the majority of small business corporations operating in Canada today.

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Designation Program: $3,990
($665 x 6 certificates courses)

Regular Tuition: $895

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​What you will learn

You will learn to identify accrual and cash base accounting, retained earnings and the return of capital, and active business income and specified investment business income. You’ll understand how to properly report income for tax purposes and reconciliation of transactions, various schedules most prevalent on the T2 tax return and tax principles for reserves utilized to defer taxes. Also covered are tax consequences for stakeholders on various methods of remuneration and tax planning as an opportunity for both corporate and personal integration.

This program was very challenging and the information contained was valuable to me in my practice. I plan to keep my journal nearby as a reference when required. This is a very valuable program for anyone in private practice.

-Heather McLeod, NS

​Scope of the course

  • Basis of Reporting Income
  • Understanding the Corporate Balance Sheet
  • Understanding Shareholder Equity
  • Sources of Corporate Income
  • Creating an Audit Trail for CRA Purposes
  • Completing the T2 Return
  • Tax Reserves
  • Shareholder Remuneration
  • Corporate and Shareholder Integration Theory

​What is included

  • Tax deductible tuition fees
  • Potential for Canada Training Grant or other Government programs
  • Personal consultation and virtual campus orientation
  • Practical case studies using well-known professional software
  • Lesson plans and study plans
  • Calculators and tools you can use immediately
  • Personal instructor support by email
  • Testing and certification
  • Comprehensive Knowledge Journal
  • CE/CPD accreditation by various professional bodies
  • EverGreen Explanatory Notes - Online Research Library

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