Certificate Course: Filing Returns at Death

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The fifth course in the DMA™-Personal Tax Services Specialist Designation.

This course deals comprehensively with the taxation of individuals at death. The student will gain a thorough understanding of how income, as well as capital accumulations, are taxed when the taxpayer dies as well as strategies to minimize those taxes.

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Designation Program: $3,990
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​What you will learn

Through this course, you will understand death as a financial event and be able to discuss its ramifications with clients. You’ll identify and discuss creative tax strategies that take advantage of the opportunities presented by death, both in terms of personal and business finances. You’ll have the ability to prepare all possible T1 returns in the year of death and identify opportunities for probate avoidance, as applicable in high probate jurisdictions.

I feel better equipped to deal with questions involving the death of a taxpayer as a result of doing the course. Notwithstanding the fact that I have been doing final returns for about ten years, the course gave me some new insights and perspectives. My experience has been exclusively “closed fact” situations, i.e., a taxpayer dies and his executor brings in his papers to do up a final return and if necessary an estate return. There are a few things that can be done to minimize taxes owing and the course points these out (for example, doing multiple returns might be an option in some cases) but the real value of the course is in setting out some strategies to deal with death before the event occurs.

—Martin H., ON

Scope of the course

  • Death and Taxes
  • Returns in the Year of Death
  • Reporting Income
  • Capital Assets
  • Registered Accounts
  • Claiming Deductions
  • Non-Refundable Credits
  • Refundable Credits
  • The Estate
  • Avoiding Probate Fees

​What is included

  • Tax deductible tuition fees
  • Potential for Canada Training Grant or other Government programs
  • Personal consultation and virtual campus orientation
  • Practical case studies using well-known professional software
  • Lesson plans and study plans
  • Calculators and tools you can use immediately
  • Personal instructor support by email
  • Testing and certification
  • Comprehensive Knowledge Journal
  • CE/CPD accreditation by various professional bodies
  • EverGreen Explanatory Notes - Online Research Library

Everything so far has had value to it. These studies have added to my knowledge and skills and I have put this knowledge to use immediately for our clients or I gained new skills which has given me the opportunity to expand our services.

- William Samplonius, ON

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