KB Grads in the News: Sharron Morier, DFA-Tax Services Specialist™

Sharron Morier completed the DFA-Tax Services Specialist™ Designation Program and shares howEducation is paramount in our industry to ensure we serve our clients well.  I want all our staff to have the confidence in their abilities that I have due to my KB educational experiences.” Here’s her story:

Why did you decide to take a KB course?

“KB offers top notch education specific to my field.  The company I work for was partnered with KB which gave me unique perspective on the course offerings.  KB offers excellent education at a high calibre.  Receiving honours in any KB course is a true achievement.”

What did you like about it?

“The challenge.  The courses are not a cake-walk, you cannot possibly take a KB course and not learn something new, no matter what your experience level. “

What was your biggest “aha” moment?

“Completing the deceased and T3 courses coalesced all the little bits I had learned over the years into a complete and thorough understanding of this subject matter.  In my current role, these are now my favourite returns to assist with because the KB course made the theory very clear.  I can see the logic, I can answer without research or hesitation, I am confident in my abilities in this arena.  I was inspired to take this education further and am currently working towards a CEA designation. “

Did anything surprise you in the courses?

“Actually no, and that’s a good thing.  KB courses are consistently thorough.  I now use KB as my yardstick of educational excellence – if a course is not KB, it must be at KB standards or it’s simply not worth my time.”

How did you feel after completing your course and receiving your certificate?

“When I received the DFA designation, I framed it and very proudly held it up to challenge all our staff and franchisees to join me in the winner’s circle.  Education is paramount in our industry to ensure we serve our clients well.   I want all our staff to have the confidence in their abilities that I have due to my KB educational experiences.”

How will you use your new knowledge?

“I use my knowledge every single day in my role.  My department answers about 10,000 questions during tax season (yes, that’s only 3 months) so we must be very knowledgeable and quick to answer.   Having the knowledge right there in my brain has helped me to help our staff quickly and accurately, reducing errors in the field and increasing profitability for the company.”

What did your family think about your commitment to the program?

“My hubby knows more about taxes than he ever wanted to because I want to talk about it, I find it very exciting!   It’s a special giggle for me when I hear him spouting capital gains rules or discussing how pro-ration works.  My husband is a contractor with zero financial knowledge and zero interest in this subject so if I can make someone like him understand complex tax theory, then my education has more than paid for itself. “

What is the glimpse of wisdom you can share with our readers?

“Constant education is the key to success in the tax industry.  Not simply updating each year but taking more challenging courses to continually improve and stay ahead of the pack. It is not a cost, it’s an investment in yourself, your staff and ultimately, your business.”

Would you recommend Knowledge Bureau? 

“I always do.  Without hesitation, inside and outside my role, to staff and the public.  If we can’t provide training or education on a subject, my first and only choice is to direct students to Knowledge Bureau.”

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