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Self-Employed Commission Sales

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Becoming a self-employed contract worker can be a confusing transition for former employees. This course provides the fundamentals about what it means to be self-employed and provides particular guidance on the type of tax deductions commonly claimed by self-employed commission salespersons.


Stats Canada reports that the number of self-employed workers in Canada is increasing. As far back as 2016, 8.2% of the labour force did some form of gig work. The trend has continued and, particularly as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more workers are turning to self-employment to earn a living. For commission salespersons, the transition can be confusing as the rules for what expenses can be claimed are different from those applicable to an employee.

What You’ll Learn

How do you know if you’re self-employed or an employee?

How is self-employment income reported to the worker and how do they report it to the government?

What expenses can be claimed by a self-employed commission salesperson and what are the limitations of those claims?

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