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Society of Real Wealth Managers™ Member Directory

Meet the Board

Evelyn Jacks

RWM™, MFA™, DFA-Tax Services Specialist™
President, Knowledge Bureau

“In founding the concept of Real Wealth Management™, we developed an inter-advisory, multi-generational approach to family wealth management. The RWM™ is the strategist who enables this.”

​Jean-Pierre Laporte

CEO, Integris Pension Management Corp

“My goal is to bring some specific skills and perspectives to the Real Wealth Management™ Society as a Pension Lawyer and as the CEO of a Pension Consulting Firm at the same time. We need the inter-disciplinary approach of pension management plan management to connect and with with financial advisors, actuaries, custodians and accountants to ensure the pension plan works as it should.”

​Kristin Ramlal

Securities Specialist and Credential QTrade Advisor

“By joining the society of like-minded Financial Professionals, who understand the importance of Real Wealth Management and partner under the RWM™ Framework, I now truly feel that I can offer my clients holistic wealth advice and financial peace of mind”.

Alan Rowell

RWM™, MFA™, DFA-Tax Services Specialist™
CEO, The Accounting Place

“Integrating Real Wealth Management™ into our everyday activities results in the best overall advantage for the client, keeping money in their pockets where it belongs.”

Dr. Dean T. Smith

PH.D. CPA (Illinois), CPA (Ontario and Manitoba), CFP, STEP, RWM™
President, Cadesky U.S. Tax Ltd

“The silo approach simply does not work effectively. To ensure my client’s needs are properly addressed, I need to partner with other like-minded professionals. The Society of real Wealth Managers provides me with that opportunity”

​Jennifer Snyder

President, Doyenne Insurance and Estate Planning Ltd.

“It is so important to be able to network and be able to refer to people that understand the meaning of true collaboration and that is working together to achieve a common goal, the client’s overall financial well-being after taxes, fees and inflation.”


Jenifer Bartman

Founder, Jenifer Bartman Business Advisory Services

“Professional development and networking opportunities are integral to the creative thinking that is needed to advise companies well, in an increasingly competitive world. “

Marie DeLauretis

Certified Financial Planner, Delauretis Wealth Management Inc

“My desire was to align myself with a society that recognizes the signifiance of a team advisory collaboration for the ultimate benefit of the client.“

​James P. Gunn

Halton Wealth Management Inc.

“I am working with clients on addressing many issues that are affecting every aspect of their lives. My client base is multi layered and age diversified so the issues are wide ranging and sometimes unpredictable.”

​Marina Jensen

RWM™, DFA-Tax Services Specialist™

“I incorporate the RWM™ approaching into my practice by ensuring that our clients’ personal taxes link with their corporate and estate tax planning for the best taxation results. I am participating with the Society of RWM™ because networking is important and I look forward to using the RWM™ Calculators.”

​Stefanie Keller

CEO, Stellar Wealth & Tax Solutions

“The RWM™ Model provides a holistic platform/process for integrating all aspects of financial planning. It is both the EQ and the IQ part of the process.”

​Jeet Kumar

RWM™, MFA™- Business Services Specialist
The Accounting Place

“The Society of Real Wealth Managers™ brings together the individual specialties that provide the overall financial well-being of the client.”

​Jackie Porter


“My approach to financial planning includes taking a comprehensive approach. I want to hone my skills in planning and work with like-minded professionals.”

Knowledge Bureau Partners

​Alan Gordon

Director of Operations, Knowledge Bureau

​Beth Graddon

Marketing & Communications Manager, Knowledge Bureau

​Allan Jacks

Senior Vice President, Business Development Knowledge Bureau

“I am excited to be enrolled in the RWM™ designation program. During my 47 + year career in various roles in the tax and financial service industry, I often witnessed the downsides of industry advisors working in silos. Financial professionals practising in a real wealth management model offer a multi-disciplinary approach to providing truly client-centric real wealth management service, after fees, taxes and inflation. The Society for RWM™ represents the culmination in recognizing and organizing this rapidly growing financial advice process. I only wonder what took it so long to get here?”

​Barbara McRae


Owner, Strategic Events

“By taking the RWM course, I better understand the need to work with trusted advisors who are collaborative. Working in a silos without communication doesn’t work when you are trying to build a wealth strategy for your family. By completing the RWM I know what to look for in working with professionals and the questions to ask my advisory team. I would highly recommend that for any family looking to accumulate wealth, ask your advisors whether they believe in a multi stakeholder approach and whether they are a member of the RWM Society.”