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Meet the Board

Evelyn Jacks

RWM™, MFA™, DFA-Tax Services Specialist™
President, Knowledge Bureau

“In founding the concept of Real Wealth Management™, we developed an inter-advisory, multi-generational approach to family wealth management. The RWM™ is the strategist who enables this.”

​Kristin Ramlal

Chair of the Society of Real Wealth Managers

“By joining the society of like-minded Real Wealth Managers™ (RWM™), with varying financial expertise and who collaborate under the Real Wealth Management Framework, I truly feel that I can offer clients holistic wealth advisory to enable financial peace of mind”.

Dr. Dean T. Smith

PH.D. CPA (Illinois), CPA (Ontario and Manitoba), CFP, STEP, RWM™
President, Cadesky U.S. Tax Ltd

“The silo approach simply does not work effectively. To ensure my client’s needs are properly addressed, I need to partner with other like-minded professionals. The Society of real Wealth Managers provides me with that opportunity”

​Doug Buss

President, Your Style Financial Inc

“I help business owners, their employees and families achieve their dreams by taking a holistic approach to financial planning. We look at all areas of investment, insurance, tax & estate planning. I want to work with like-minded advisors to help our clients accumulate, grow, preserve and transfer their wealth.”

Marie DeLauretis

B. Comm., CFP, RWM, CEA
Certified Financial Planner, Delauretis Wealth Management Inc

“My desire was to align myself with a society that recognizes the significance of a team advisory collaboration for the ultimate benefit of the client.“

Tony Mahabir

MBA, CMC, CIM, RRC, RWM, CFP FP Canada Fellow
CEO,CANFIN Financial

“I love the fact that I can keep abreast of my profession and sharpen the delivery of my academic work through real life, real time and comprehensive wealth management conversations with my fellow real wealth management colleagues, mentors, and the tremendous support of the Knowledge Bureau!”

Harvey Agustin

Certified Financial Planner
Harstin Financial Corporation

“I joined the Society of RWM™ to associate and collaborate with other professionals across Canada with similar positions; to learn, share and help.”

Board Alumni

​Jean-Pierre Laporte

CEO, Integris Pension Management Corp

“My goal is to bring some specific skills and perspectives to the Real Wealth Management™ Society as a Pension Lawyer and as the CEO of a Pension Consulting Firm at the same time. We need the inter-disciplinary approach of pension management plan management to connect and with with financial advisors, actuaries, custodians and accountants to ensure the pension plan works as it should.”

Alan Rowell

RWM™, MFA™, DFA-Tax Services Specialist™
CEO, The Accounting Place

“Integrating Real Wealth Management™ into our everyday activities results in the best overall advantage for the client, keeping money in their pockets where it belongs.”

Jen Snyder

CEO, President, Doyenne Insurance and Estate Planning Ltd.

“It is so important to be able to network and be able to refer to people that understand the meaning of true collaboration and that is working together to achieve a common goal, the client’s overall financial well-being after taxes, fees and inflation.”


Jenifer Bartman

Founder, Jenifer Bartman Business Advisory Services

“Professional development and networking opportunities are integral to the creative thinking that is needed to advise companies well, in an increasingly competitive world. “

Greggy Bartolome

CFP, RWM™ ™, Owner/Financial Planner
Reagreg Financial Planning Services

“Joining the Society of RWM™ helped me gain more knowledge and confidence in my pursuit of helping people achieve financial peace of mind. By having connections with other professionals, to provide flexibility to my clients.”

Marian W.M Chan

Director, Financial Advisor
Marian Chan Insurance & Financial Services Ltd

“I employ the tools provided by RWM™ when I give the guidance to my clients. With this enhanced knowledge, it gives me more confidence to meet with my clients”

Daniel Dessureault

Regional VP - Advanced Sales
PPI Advisory

“I have always been a strong believer in networking as a way of adding value to my own client relationships. I would like to expand my circle of expertise in other areas than mine.”

Alvin Fernandez

u-ONE Wealth Management Corp. Ltd.

I joined the Society of RWM™ to collaborate with like-minded professionals in the financial industry and to contribute in the advancement of the profession. Learning from other member’s expertise and experiences will position us to be the trusted advisor of our clients.”

​Tammie Gilbert

TMG Business Services

” I joined the Society of RWM™ to network with like minded people and to learn valuable techniques. I can take the knowledge and skills learned and apply them to giving our clients value added services to help them grow.”

​James P. Gunn

Halton Wealth Management Inc.

“I am working with clients on addressing many issues that are affecting every aspect of their lives. My client base is multi layered and age diversified so the issues are wide ranging and sometimes unpredictable.”

​​Troy Harrison

MFA - Business Services Specialist,
MFA - Executive Business Growth Services Specialist™,


Tarrim Tax Services

“It’s important to have a team around you that is moving in the same direction. The members of the RWM Society are focused on their pursuit to bring a high-value, client-centric experience to their businesses and I feel their vision is aligned with my own.”

​Marina Jensen

RWM™, DFA-Tax Services Specialist™

“I incorporate the RWM™ approaching into my practice by ensuring that our clients’ personal taxes link with their corporate and estate tax planning for the best taxation results. I am participating with the Society of RWM™ because networking is important and I look forward to using the RWM™ Calculators.”

​Jeet Kumar

RWM™, MFA™- Business Services Specialist
The Accounting Place

“The Society of Real Wealth Managers™ brings together the individual specialties that provide the overall financial well-being of the client.”

Ashley Mayr

DFA-Tax Services Specialist, RWM™
Accounting Tech, Income Tax Specialist

SOS Bookkeeping & Taxes

“The reason I joined the Society is so i can develop my network. I am interested in getting to know other members of RWM, to bounce ides off of and to learn more about it. I am new to all this information and I look forward to apply this to my career.”

​Doug Nelson

B.Comm(hons), CFP, CLU,MFA™, CIM, RWM™
President, Nelson Financial Consultants

“I believe in the importance and power of thoughtful planning. The key is to never make assumptions but instead to always understand the math. When you go broad and deep in your analysis, you will always be surprised what you find.”

Derek G. Nicoll

Partner, Finuity Wealth

“Assisting individuals to accumulate wealth is complicated work. Effective advisors need to understand tax, business, finance and investment. I really need to rely on the updated information from a reliable educational organization.”

​Allan Norman

Founding Partner, Atlantis Financial Inc

“The Society of Real Wealth Managers™ brings together the individual specialties that provide the overall financial well-being of the client.”

Vongsa Phommarath

MFA™-Executive Growth Specialist, MFA™-Business Services Specialist, RWM™

GVP Business Services

“A client’s wealth management and financial planning needs are best met when they can trust that all of their advisors are working in collaboration and cohesively to serve their best interests.“

​Jackie Porter


“My approach to financial planning includes taking a comprehensive approach. I want to hone my skills in planning and work with like-minded professionals.”

​Philip J. Primeau

DFA-Tax Services Specialist™, MFA™, RWM™
President, TPC Tax Planning Centre Ltd.

“The quality and credentials of the members of the Society are impeccable and membership is an absolute necessity for continued success.”

Kareen Rekowski

MFA™, DFA-Tax Services Specialist™, RWM™
Kare Accounting Services

“The Society of RWM™ is a great fit for me and my work with my clients. It’s a fantastic way to collaborate with other professionals to share thoughts and ideas“

Stephanie Stewart

CFP, CLU, CIM, CIWM, CEA, DMS, FMA, FCSI, RWM™, TEP, Certified financial planner
Affluence Partners Inc

“Participating in RWM™ keeps me connected to the Financial World and it’s impact on my clients.”

Joanne Thomas

DFA-Tax Services Specialist™, RWM™
CEO, Tax Link Canada

I joined the Society of Real Wealth Managers™ to be part of a group of professionals who have their client’s best interest at the forefront and continue learning to ensure that they can provide that service.”

Chris Valentine

MFA™, DFA-Tax Services Specialist™, RWM™
Financial Security Advisor,
One Life Wealth Management Inc

“I have learned so much from Evelyn and Knowledge Bureau and I am pleased to have the opportunity to help others.”

Theresa Wever

Branch manager & Financial Advisor,
Wever Financial

“Belonging to the Society of RWM™ allows me to work with like minded professionals to continue to help our clients have the best possible tools available to them to improve their overall goals and aspirations for their own wealth and their family’s wealth.”

Blair Whitford

LocusMD Inc

“I joined the Society of RWM™ to help foster and cultivate the sharing of ideas in order to maximize the effectiveness of our calling as Real Wealth Managers™ - which is to help people improve their lives through better financial decision making.”

Ian Wood

Investment Counsellor
Cardinal Capital Management Inc

“Participating in RWM™ keeps me connected to the Financial World and it’s impact on my clients.”

Patrick Yasay

Financial Security Advisor
u-ONE Wealth Management Corp. Ltd.

“I joined the Society of Real Wealth Managers (RWM) so I can further expand my knowledge and learn more with more experienced colleagues collaboratively and professionally”