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Tax Retirement and Estate Planning

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Study period: 1 month; extensions: $99 per month.


The key obstacle to peace of mind and security in retirement is the worry clients have when they consider “Will I have enough?” Tax, retirement and estate planning are closely linked, and if they are well coordinated from a young age, will ensure financial peace of mind for most people. However, even those who start later to focus on retirement income and their legacy – what they will leave behind for others – can benefit from the knowledge, experience and coaching offered by their financial advisors.


According to July 28, 2019 Statistics Canada research, the average retirement age in Canada was 63.8 in 2018 but this number changes, depending on your how you have made your living. For example the retirement age is 61.3 for public sector employees, 67.7 for the self-employed, and 64.3 for all retirees. Advisors and clients who want to maximize planning opportunities can therefore benefit from a customized retirement plan for income based on asset bases that are designed to continue to grow throughout retirement. When plans are made for the tax-efficient transfer of those assets in periods of disability or at death, the family as a whole can benefit from an intact-as-possible estate. .

What You’ll Learn

In this course you will learn about the process of tax-efficient retirement income planning.

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Client Presentation

The Financial Storyboard™ you will enable new conversations about Tax, Retirement and Estate Planning. This is high value financial education you can easily share.