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Tax Season 2020 - What’s New

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Study period: 1 month; extensions: $99 per month.


Who should be thinking about an introduction to the 2019 return?

From the client’s point of view, it is all the financial professionals, also sometimes referred to as “tax intermediaries” who will be involved in the filing of federal and provincial government returns and forms. These intermediaries include not just the tax specialists who actually file the forms, but also the professional bookkeepers, accountants and financial advisors who retrieve and interpret financial information to file returns to the very best benefit of the household as a unit.

You will find that this year, the T1 return has been significantly remodeled and this advanced tax update will prepare all the intermediaries for the specific provisions that will be discussed with clients.


No matter which aspect of financial affairs you work with – as a professional bookkeeper, financial, legal or tax advisor - it is critical that you have a deep and broad knowledge of the tax provisions that will affect the financial affairs of your clients and their families.

What You’ll Learn

The 2020 tax filing season features significant changes to the 2019 T1 return, including a new 8-page form, renumbered lines and numerous tax theory changes. In addition, the marginal tax brackets, the ceilings for income-tested provisions and the amounts of refundable and many of the non-refundable tax credits have been changed to reflect the latest consumer price indexing factors. In this course, you will be taken through those changes for the purposes of sharpening your knowledge and disseminating it to your clients, as appropriate.

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Client Presentation

The Financial Storyboard™ you will enable new conversations about What’s New for Tax Season 2020. This is high value financial education you can easily share.