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NEWLY UPDATED: Advanced Professional Income Tax Course

Posted in: Strategic Thinking, Current Issue
Are you ready to train new and staff on personal tax changes for 2020 at a comprehensive professional level?  Knowledge Bureau has just published its all new advanced T1 training course for experienced pros and it features fun and challenging new true-to-life case studies; all of which can be done online.

Eight Reasons to Nudge:  T1 Season Not Quite Over For Some

By : Evelyn Jacks Posted in: Strategic Thinking
With the September 30 payment deadline in the past, the longest tax filing season on record is officially over. If it was not already obvious, two big wins came out of it: firstly, 90% of Canadians have fully embraced electronic filing. This phenomenon challenges tax professionals to change their practices to a modern, virtual model permanently.   The second win is this:  the vast majority of us are very compliant with our tax department. But, because there are a few T1s still outstanding (just over half a million compared to last year), there are eight important reasons to nudge your delinquent clients along now.   

Thanksgiving: Time to Initiate a Donation Strategy

Posted in: Strategic Thinking
As we pause to give thanks for all we have this Thanksgiving; our thoughts turn to how we can give back to our community.  Due to the pandemic, many charities are experiencing a spike in demand for their services, and your favourite charity can use the help even more this year than in other years.

A New Financial Conversation: Personal Health Risk Management

By : Terri Williams & Evelyn Jacks Posted in: Strategic Thinking
The pandemic has brought a grim reality to personal financial planning:  long term care is fraught with personal health risks. Canadians are worried about the care they will receive as they age, and it’s an issue that tax and financial advisors can help with proactively as part of purposeful year end tax planning. There are three issues to consider.

Nov. 18: Planning for Owner-Managers of Private Corporations

Posted in: Strategic Thinking
Do you need to know more about corporate taxes and year end planning for corporate owner-managers? Many personal tax practitioners and financial advisors struggle with understanding the rules for setting up small business corporations, investing within them, and withdrawing funds most tax efficiently. Now, you can have confident knowledge after one day: November 18 at the Virtual CE Summit.

Graduates:  RSVP for the Virtual Graduation Ceremony, October 30 at DAC

Posted in: Strategic Thinking
Calling all graduates! If you graduated from a Knowledge Bureau Designation, Diploma or Certificate Course after July 1, 2019, we’re inviting you to attend your Virtual Graduation Ceremony at 9:00 AM CST on October 30. Be sure to RSVP now.  It’s free to attend, and we look forward to honouring your tremendous educational achievements this year.