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Year-End Tax Planning Tips: Family Investments

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The purpose of year-end planning is to reveal the best ways to build, grow, and preserve income and assets. Done well, it puts a focus on avoiding wealth eroders like taxes and inflation. The object is to shore up financial resources well into the 2020s and beyond despite the uncertainties of tax, economic, and political change.

When Should You Retire? A CPP and OAS Case-Study

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Did you know that 21% of young boomers (ages 55 to 64) have not set anything aside for their retirement while 46% are considering a delayed retirement? This is according to a survey by 2019 DAC Sponsor Franklin Templeton*. That’s why it’s so important for financial advisors and pre-retirees (Gen Z and Boomers) to consider the question – “Should I delay my CPP or even my OAS?” A case study follows.

The Election Tax Promises are Adding Up

By : Beth Graddon Posted in: Strategic Thinking, Current Issue
We’ve been looking for more financial information on the various party platforms since the leadership debate on Monday, and we’ve got a chart to help you keep track of platforms and promises – from a tax and financial point of view. This week, we’d like to point you in the direction of the Office of the Parliamentary Budget Officer’s (PBO) estimates of the platform promises themselves. They are enlightening. Here are some examples of immediate impacts:

Thank You DAC Sponsors

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If the weather and flu season is already getting you down, remember it’s not too late to join us in sunny Puerto Vallarta for the Distinguished Advisor Conference.  We’d like to take this special opportunity to thank our wonderful sponsors who have made it possible for the outstanding educational sessions and speakers to deliver cutting-edge insights at the event. Most importantly, the networking events are outstanding. Your next big business opportunities await you.

What’s New with TOSI

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In 2017, legislation was passed introducing new tax on split income (TOSI) rules in effect for 2018.* Understanding TOSI and the new changes is vital to protect those who receive distributions from a private corporation from audit risk. Here are the changes you need to know:

Giving Thanks at Thanksgiving

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Gratitude is a powerful force. When we take the time to focus on the abundance of good fortune we have, it can have a really positive affect on our personal outlook and the relationships around us. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, please accept our wish for the joy of gratitude as you share time with friends and family, and a sincere thank you for making Knowledge Bureau your educational home. We are grateful and we would like to share a gift with you.