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Growing Your Net Worth: Ask the Right Questions

When we look at the scope of tax assistance available for financial assets—inside and outside of a registered account—as well as non-financial assets like real estate, it helps us to develop a checklist of criteria to look for before making an investment so we can get to a point of evaluation in our investment activities. How well are we doing, year over year?

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Loan Sharks: Criminal Interest Rate Provisions Fail to Curtail Practice

Back in 1980, unanimously, and without much debate at all, Parliament enacted Section 347 of the Criminal Code with the objective of combating “loan sharks”.

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Taxes on the Final Return: Avoid the Greatest Eroder of Wealth

Planning ahead can ensure more of your financial legacy remains intact once you’ve continued on with your journey.

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When Can I Avoid Capital Gains on Transfers of Securities to Charity?

You can use a 0% capital gains inclusion rate, rather than the normal 50% rate when transfer qualified securities to your favorite charity, including a private foundation.

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Buying a Business: Basic Tax Considerations

So, you have identified a business that you would like to acquire, but you are not sure which method you should use to do so, and how to best structure the deal to best avoid the tax man.

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