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November 2023 Poll

The UHT filing deadline was extended to April 30, 2024 on October 31. Do you agree with this decision?
Yes: 91 votes
No: 17 votes

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Short Term Rentals:  Are New Moves Good Moves?

The federal government wants to accelerate the supply of long term residential housing and one way they intend to do this is to “crack down” on non-compliant short term rental owners and deny their income tax deductions when filing a tax return, starting January 1, 2024, according to proposals in the Fall Economic Statement released November 21, 2023.  What exactly will this mean in practice for taxpayers and their advisors in 2023; will it actually work to meet goals, and how will this affect the integrity of the tax system overall?

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Tax Changes for 2024 Bring Tax Planning Opportunities

Amongst the many tax changes coming for the 2024 tax year is the fact that the federal government has now confirmed an indexing factor of 4.7% on most non-refundable tax credits, tax brackets and income-tested earnings levels for the purposes of refundable tax credits. That announcement will also affect some investments, like the room available for TFSA contributions. But there are more important changes to know about.  Here is a synopsis:

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Year End Adjustment for Prior Filed Errors and Omissions

Cash strapped? At year end, it’s always important to review prior filed or omitted returns to make sure all the tax refunds, credit and benefits all the taxpayers in a family are entitled have been claimed.  But there are some specific rules to take note of.  Check them out here:

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Last Chance: Black Friday Certificate Course Sale!

Last chance to choose your own adventure on your pathway to new specialized credentials with our Black Friday Certificate Course sale that ends today! Selected Certificate Course Tuition fees only $195 - $595 with code NOV2023.

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Distinguished Advisors Honoured at DAC Acuity 2023

DAC Acuity 2023 in Banff was truly remarkable. The Delegates in attendance represented a multi-disciplinary array of leading professionals from the tax and financial services poised to position themselves as advisors of the future. In recognition of this, the DAC 20th Anniversary Awards honoured some outstanding winners: including the Advisor of the Future Award, New Movers & Shakers Award, Industry Change Makers Award, and The Distinguished Master Advisor Award. Please read their stories below! Congratulations to all winners! Join us next year for the 2024 Acuity Conference for Distinguished Advisors November 10-12 in Montreal!

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