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Should Canada have a minimum Basic Income in place for all Canadians?
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No: 215 votes

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Legislation in both official languages

Pursuant to Section 133 of the Constitution Act 1867, the Parliament of Canada is required to pass all legislation in French and English, with both versions having equal force.

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How the CRA is helping small business

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has been charged with reducing red tape and making it easier for small businesses to do business.

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Stats Can revises 30 years of data on the income of Canadian Households

Statistics Canada released revised data on the income of Canadian households for 1981 though 2010.

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Source deductions

A recent Tax Court of Canada (TCC) decision, in Sutcliffe v The Queen, contains some interesting information regarding that court’s jurisdiction, specifically to its inability to decide whether source deductions have been taken or not.

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Broker Error Raises Kraft Market Price 29% in First Minute of Trading

Those holding stock in the Kraft Foods Group Inc were surprised, to say the least, when on Thursday October 4th the Kraft shares opened at $45.55 then surged to $58.54. The Nasdaq attributed the rapid change to “broker error.” This occurred only days after Kraft Foods and Mondelez International, a former part of Kraft foods began trading as two separate companies.

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