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Are you in favor of the OAS raise of 10% in 2022 for those age 75 or older?
Yes: 126 votes
No: 47 votes

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Improving cross-border tax compliance

Canada and the United States are working toward improved cross-border tax compliance.

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News from Tax Court: Crown appeals Guindon

The Crown has appealed a recent Tax Court of Canada (TCC) decision that ruled penalties were criminal in nature, not civil. If the ruling is upheld, advisors will come under increased scrutiny.

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Sometimes it’s all about the proper procedure

If you are disputing a re-assessment of your income tax filing with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), failing to choose the appropriate appeal procedure can prove very costly.

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Forecasters’ moderate outlook

Look for slower growth in gross domestic product (GDP) in 2013 before it picks up again in 2014, say private-sector forecasters.

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2013 CPP contribution rates

For 2013, the maximum pensionable earnings under the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) will be $51,100, up $1,000 from $50,100 in 2012.

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